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The Last Day of April

The Last Day of April

Like the first,

the last day of April

is a curious one.

They both bookend all the other days,

yet one is welcoming them,

whilst the other bids them a find ‘adieu!’

You, may not realise

that April held such a surprise

as it did –

it may have been carefully hid.

Or it might have been a month

of no newsworthy events at all –


Call it what you will (still ‘April’ methinks)

April has been one that we will remember

long after…


has gone.

April The Twenty-Ninth

April The Twenty-Ninth

April The Twenty-Ninth

arrived with a plomb.

I was a lert;

others were, variously,

a droit, a fraid, or a miable.

Disregarding all that,

April The Twenty-Ninth was,

variously, wet, dry, stormy, calm,

an irritant, a balm,

hot, cold, young, old

and liable to amuse, confuse

and leave us all wondering how and why

a day like this could call itself anything other

than a day of ease…

or bother.

April The Twenty-Eighth

April The Twenty-Eighth

April The Twenty-Eighth

has been a day.

too far.

We drove in the car;

stopped off at a bar;

listened to Eleventh Earl of Mar

(by Genesis);

invented Radar (again);

travelled much too far;

drank a pint of cider vinegar from a jam jar;

boxed up some shopping in a Spar(

relayed our local road surface

in two-dimensional tar;

relocated to Zanzibar;

and then walked back to England

for a cup of char.

So, nothing out of the unusual.

April The Twenty-Seventh

April The Twenty-Seventh

April the Twenty-Seventh

arrived with a fanfare (or funfair)

of trumpets;

followed by tea and crumpets;

and, lastly, a soupçon of something sweet – just to keep it neat.

April The Twenty-Sixth

April The Twenty-Sixth

A day when chimneys weep,

and town criers cry;

when the cost of ascending mountain paths is particularly steep,

and a rugby ball can but try.

A day when swallows swallow swiftly,

and a toad will natter to a Jack of all trades;

when a bright colour fades,

and beige is just the study of brown.

A day that begins and ends,

with bits in the middle,

hey diddle diddle don’t play upon that violin;

beguine the piece from where you left off,

and, ‘soft, what light through yonder window breaks – it is Juliet’,

and, soon, she is the Moon.

April The Twenty-Fifth

April The Twenty-Fifth

April The Twenty-Fifth

A dull day,

then a bright day;

with both accompanied by a fresh breeze;

fresh enough to freeze

the bones from a dull man,

or a bright one.

Every day is like this,

or unlike this.

Differing in various ways,

it’s a daze.

April The Twenty-Fifth

a day just like the rest,

now, where did I put my old string vest?

April The Twenty-Fourth – A Travel Guide

April The Twenty-Fourth – A Travel Guide

April The Twenty-Fourth

“Set forth!”

And so we did.

With no idea where to.

we went North – wrong;

South, East, West;

all were the same,

none were the best;

so we tried all the points of the compass in-between;

directions we had;

you should have seen us,

lost at the scene of the crime;

four idiots in search of a rhyme.

April the Twenty-Fourth,

was not the day for us to set forth,

it showed us our worth,

as we trudged the earth;

at least we still had our mirth.

April The Twenty-Third

April The Twenty-Third

April The Twenty-Third:

Shakespeare was born;

Shakespeare died;

people laughed,

people cried;

some came in,

others went outside;

many went to seek,

whilst a few did hide;

Haven’t you heard

that April Twenty-Third

is, was, and shall be…

or not –

depending on how you look at things.

April The Twenty-Second

April The Twenty-Second

The 22nd day of April –

I knew there would be a catch,

there is always a catch:

catch, match, hatch, dispatch:

a batch of rhyming things – how weird;

but, then again, quite the norm.

although I don’t have to inform


I am in form.

Formed from the clay of prehistoric pre-hysteric swamps,

I am only just a man

who can

(when the mood takes him)

rhyme a frying pan

with a partisan.

Then again, most people can

do that –

it’s just that they choose not to.

April The Twentieth

April The Twentieth

April The Twentieth?

20p for a cup of tea?

It was a long time ago,

four shillings to me;

four bob;

and before that it was cheaper still –

2d, tuppence for a cuppa,

6d, sixpence for a fish supper,

a farthing for a pint of grog,

And April wasn’t called April then,

it was ‘Springe!’

but it had to be changed;

it broke a hinge

and was soon rearranged.

So, what can today teach us?

Answers. Postcard. Please.