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Apparitioning Parishioners

Apparitioning Parishioners

The apparition of parishioners was causing something of a problem in Catterbury Minor – the village population had recently rocketed from a paltry seventy to a mind-numbing four hundred and thirty-seven (and counting) – this had soon filled up all of the available spare-rooms, sofas, and a few uncomfortable camp beds left over from the Crimean War; and a growing number of tents had sprung up upon the village green.

An extraordinary village meeting had been called; but the church of St. Mary the Martyr wasn’t nearly big enough to hold the hundreds that turned up – so they all decamped to the playing field.

The register was taken – and updated for new late-comers – and all (and more) were found to be present and correct.

The meeting was quickly brought to order – the Chairman’s air of authority reaching out and dousing all of those many quiet confabs that were happening around the field.