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Seven gold finches

There were

seven gold finches

eating all the food,

a blackbird landed amongst them,

and then there were none.

And then there were none #AgathaChristie, #CaesarsWife

Ten people on an island…

one of them was Caesar’s Wife…

no one thought it was her.

And then there were one

We started off with ten,

lost one to a hungry hen –

that left nine.

Nine became eight,

when the weight of a five-bar gate

fell with what could be termed ‘a considerable hate.

One went to Heaven

(or Hell),

when thrown into a well –

leaving seven.

One was buried under some four million Lego bricks,

leading to a construct of six – nerves were beginning to tense by this time.

One drowned in a sink,

another caught fire in a freezer;

those left were beginning to think

of the danger when using a small lemon squeezer.

Four remained.

One of which was ordained,

by being strangled with a freshly-starched

lapdog collar –

you should have heard them holler.

Of the three left,

one poor soul was savagely eaten by ferrets,;

and then there was the electrified knife,

which removed one of his life –

whilst cutting a loaf –

(pre-sliced bread certainly does have its merits)

And then there were one.