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#Ancestry (for those who came before)



Hopefully many years aparted

With lots of life lived in between.

And, yet, I look upon families

That live their lives

From the cradle

To the grave

In a few minutes.
The words don’t tell the stories

Of love and happiness –

And the darker times;

They just give dates and places

They don’t often give faces

To the names.

They rarely tell of the games played

The detail of the lives lead.
But, I build a picture of those

That came before

And went before

And are ‘not quite’

No more.

I Fell Out Of My Family Tree


When you can’t find your Auntie;

And your Granddad’s gone astray;

And you’ve checked for them in all the cupboards,

Perhaps they’re hidden away;

Waiting for you to find them;

But, ‘not’ among the coats and scarves;


So, if your Great-Great Grandad really can’t be found for all your trying;

Why not see if he’s on Ancestry.co.uk

Do a search with his details

Be they vague and a little unsure;

You might just find him –

And, maybe, his kith and your kin –

It’s a family tree possibility;

So why not seek your antecedents within.