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(Cornwall, Land of) My Father’s Father’s Mother.

(Cornwall, Land of) My Father’s Father’s Mother)

This is a song called ‘Cornwall, Land of my Father’s, Father’s Mother’.

My father’s father’s mother

she was a Cornish lass,

born to the sound of the fishing boats;

but all too quick those days did pass.

The Coastguard said to her father

‘You must travel east!’

He asked did they mean Torpoint?

They said ‘No, but that distance

twenty times increased’.

They travelled across the counties

Of Devon and Dorset, so;

and ended up in Hampshire

where my father’s father’s mother

had to grow.

She met a man from Berkshire

wherever that may be

they married and had children

so many progeny.

Until she died in childbirth

along with the baby,

and my father’s father cried in vain

for poor unfortunate Emma Jane

a mother never more to see,

so then he set off out to sea.

Spoken: But, this isn’t about him.

My father’s father’s mother

she was a Cornish lass.