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Amber doesn’t rhyme with Orange

Amber doesn’t rhyme

(for any perceptible amount of time)

with Orange.

It rhymes with Camber,

Alhambra (whoever he is)

and Bamber (wherever that is)

and, possibly, some other words;

but, it does not rhyme with Orange.


Yes, Amber is, technically, Orange;

but, spelled very differently –

as you can tell

by the way they spell.


There are a lot more words

that Amber doesn’t rhyme with,

and even more than that

that Orange has no rhyme to;

but I shall not enlist them here,

as I think that I have made my point

loud and clear.

A Feeling of Emotions


I saw anger
Then anger tinged with a hint of citrus
Then envy
Then citrus alone
Then anger once more.

Local News Story 03/06/2015 (or 06/03/2015 if U are SA)

Mr Bamber-Green (this is not him) now to be known as 'Fred'.

Mr Bamber-Green (this is not him) now to be known as ‘Fred’.

Mr Frederick Bamber-Green would like it to be known that he no longer wishes to be known as ‘Traffic-Light’ and from henceforth would like to be called just ‘Fred’ – he thanks you all in advance

Various Haiku (inc. Traffic Light Haikus 1-3)

Signal Light


Thank you… for the days,

Music, the songs we are singing;

Just saying… thank you.


What is a ‘Haiku?’ ” Haiku

I once asked a short

Japanese poet; and he

Just didn’t know it!


Traffic-Lights Haiku 1

You ‘must’ STOP on Red;

You can GO when it is Green;

Amber is ‘Orange!’


Traffic Lights Haiku 2

Red at the top: Stop!

Amber in middle: riddle?

Green below: I go!


Statistics Haiku

I am ‘no’ stat-whore!
I only check on my stats
As necessary.


Traffic Light Haiku 3

Red is for DANGER!

Amber just confuses me;

And Green is for GO!