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Mind the tap or tap the mind?

What is which,

or which is what?

A witch’s wrist

wears a witch’s watch;

who wishes wisdom,

is wise indeed;

when waiters wait

and watchers watch.

Where wolves will woo,

whilst winters wine

is wasted away,

will waters wind

with weary weed?

Holiday Haiku


and covered in sea salt sand,

from St. Ives, Cornwall.

Wednesday – like ‘Happy!’

I woke up this morning…

(da dada da da!)

and it was… (fanfare)


It wasn’t one of the other weak

week days (Monday, Tuesday)

or one of the stronger ones (Thursday, Friday);

nor was it the delicious (to my mind)

weekend ones (you know which ones those are)

which seem to pass by at double speed,

when all I ask is to chill and relax,

tootle upon my (altogether non-existent) alto sax (the Baker St. solo)

and melt some soy wax (for the business’s need).

Anyway, ‘Wednesday’ is here,

so alliteration means

it’s a wonderful weekly Wednesday –


Friday Alliteration Haiku

Friday feels funky,

as the weekend approaches,


When the Bad Bee bothered the Beautiful Butterfly.

‘When the Bad Bee bothered the Beautiful Butterfly.’

There were buzzy bees, beautiful butterflies, stingy wasps – sorry sting-y wasps, and all manner of other bugs and beasties…


… it was the bad bee that bothered the beautiful butterfly,

by bombarding her with… alliteration,

“Buzz, buzz be gone!” bade the bee.

Meanwhile, an army of caterpillars marched by, unnoticed by all but me.

SPOOKY – Acrostic & Alliterative


Spooky – Acrostic







Spooky – Alliterative

Sudden strange sulphuric smells

signify spirits;

Purile purple people passing potions, plying potential poisons;

Organically observed oligarchs obviously opt out

Otherwise overwhelming odours of older ogres overused offend or offer obliteration.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knelled Knells keep killing,

Yet you yearn your youth, your yells yowling yetishly.