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The Tale of the Little Green People and their Journey from Mars to Cornwall.

The Tale of the Little Green People and their Journey from Mars to Cornwall.

‘This is: The Tale of the Little Green People and their Journey from Mars to Cornwall.

The little green people

were travelling from Mars

they weren’t coming in spaceships,

they were cadging lifts in cars

(that’s just silly).

Their destination: Earth!


Seeking Mirth.

Because they were coming from a cold, laugh-less planet,

that they do ‘not’

fondly call ‘Mother Janet’.

Their landing point,

in Cornwall, Brown Willy –

which was recently voted the number one

silliest, hilliest placename

in a recent poll…

upon Mars,

for the seventh Martian Solar year running.

And then they plan to seek out…

The Eden Project,

(to see if it’s a threat)

Goonhilly Downs

(for obvious reasons)

and Miss Marples Tea Room in Looe

where they are going to have serious words

about a certain missing apostrophe.

(Time passes)

The little green people have integrated well,

and nobody can tell

that they are not from round here;

as they have picked up the lingo,

refused to play bingo,

and are as ‘Ansum’ as the day it is long.

They work hard,

pay their dues,

have learned to love queues,

and can sing ‘Trelawny’ at Will;

but, what will give them away,

is the colour of their skin,

translucent and thin,

and shiny, wet, greenish and gray…

… although their six-fingered hands is probably a clue;

but, not a clincher.’

Not a Daffodil in Sight

Not a Daffodil in Sight

‘I wandered lonely,

as only a super-heated Martian space-cloud can;

Along with my fifty-seven thousand cloned ‘equivalents’;

I am certainly a lonely, little green Martian man.

Beside the molten lava lake;

beneath the erupting volcanoes of Sector 2,

I could see the home planet communication tendrils,

fluttering and dancing

In the cyber-cyclonic deep space breeze.’



And did those feet

in ancient time

walk upon Earth?

How do you explain

the pyramids?

“Greetings, Earthling!”

“Good morning!”

“Good day?”

“Good afternoon?”

Oh, woe is me

If I “Good afternoon!” a minute too soon;

Or “Good morning!” a moment too late;

And I don’t do “Hello, mate!”

“How do?” Seems rural;

And ‘what’ is its plural

“How doos?”

These things have been sent to confuse

And, me, they doos – sorry, they ‘do’.