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I saw an Albatross

before he saw me;

I was all at sea

to see an Albatross

flying by

in the sky

above the water;

I was upon a boat,

which on the sea did float,

I shouted ‘Albatross!’ very loudly,

and the ship’s dog Proudly

(for that was his name)

moved not a muscle –

dogs have been known to go overboard

with enthusiasm

when certain creature’s names are hollered;

unfortunately, the Albatross heard my call,

and, collared, from above did fall—

what the heck!

I had an Albatross around my neck.

My Parents made me what I am today.

My mother was a Poodle,

my dad a Labrador…

My grandfather a Seagull,

his mum an Albatross…

Just how I turned out as I am,

has left me at a loss.