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I’m All (Too Old) For T-shirts

I’m too old

for T-shirts.

It hurts me

to say it,

but I don’t want

to look like a hypocrite

or sound like one, too;

but, I am,

and there’s not a lot

that I can do

about the fact.

So, please show tact

when you laugh at my slogan,

and the size of my paunch;

launch into laughter

if you must,

but I’m getting the feeling

that my T-shirt days

are bust.

Beige (re-visited)

Beige is a stage you get to

at a certain age

when your clean white paper

becomes the Valium in vellum of the page.

I’m getting a little bit critiquey in my old age.

I’m getting a little bit critiquey in my old age.

I was busy critiquing loudly in the corner, when somebody poured sunflower oil all over me.

I still critiqued, but now at a tolerable level of well below 50dbs.

I put it all down to my ever-increasing age, and the life that I have, before now, lead.



What is old now

once was young;

what is young now,

may end up old;

Mao Tse Tung

(if he were still alive)

would be even older

than he was

when he did thrive.