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Mrs McGinty’s Shed #AgathaChristie

Mrs McGinty’s shed,

who put it up?

“No, not I!”

Mrs McGinty’s shed,

who built it there?

“I don’t know – why?”

Mrs McGinty’s shed,

it just fell down!

“Nothing to do with me –

I was out of town.”

‘Why Didn’t They Sell Peanut Butter?’ by Agatha Christie

I found a man upon the cliffs,

the dying words,

I heard him utter,

were. ‘Why didn’t they sell Peanut Butter?

The body on the landing

You left the dead body on the landing;

do you have no understanding

of how these criminal cases go?

The detective examined the body,

the coroner told him the cause:

‘A sharp bite to the back of the neck,

whilst held between two paws.’

And in your defence…?

“A magpie sat at the top of a tree”

“A magpie sat at the top of a tree”

A magpie sat at the top of a tree,

two others flew down and then there were three;

two flew off at the sound of a gun

three minus two, that makes one.

A magpie sat at the top of the tree,

he flew off,

and then there were none.

The Body In The Library

The Body in the Library

(Yet another poem that tries to fit the title of an Agatha Christie novel in to it)

The Bodleian Library,

in Oxford,

has quite a few books

in crannies

and nooks;



went there

I was


Odd body in the library.

There is… always a train.

There is… always a train

… always a train;

in every episode of Poirot;

well, in most of them,

I should say.

Time and time again

we see Hercule

upon a train,

waving goodbye to,

or greeting one

in a Herculean way.

‘There’s always a train

Mm-hmm, there’s always a train

Always, always (always a train)‘*



always a train.

*from Always The Sun by The Stranglers

Agatha Christiemas – Boxing Day 2018 #22 (21:00)

Agatha Christiemas – Boxing Day 2018 #22 (21:00)

Agatha Christiemas?

What shall we find with the new Poirot?

Shall it be ABC 5*

Parts 1,2 and 3?

Or will it be a Hickory Dickory Shock

to the system?

Shall I have to get the 3:10 from Paddington to Bear it?

Who knows whether John Suchet

can be bettered

or equaled…

it is, perhaps,

just a previous reincarnation