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When in Cornwall… #1

When in Cornwall… #1

Useful Advice When Visiting the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery Garden Garden Centre Café, Lostwithiel: ‘

Pass the Duchy of Cornwall Leek and Parsnip Drizzle Cake on the Left-Hand Side.’

“I’m walking in the snow!”

“I’m walking in the snow!”

I’m out and about

in the snow;

but, I’ve taken on board

the advice that I’ve read

and I am walking like an Egyptian.

I may be getting some funny looks;

but, the advice did state

that it was the best way to walk

in these perilous conditions.


PS I have just reviewed the advice…

it seems that I was supposed to walk like a…



Cornish Advice Point #1

Cornish Advice Point #1

“To stare dreckly at the Sun

‘tis a thing should not be done

today, tomorrow, whenever;

perhaps you shouldn’t do it ever.”