Little Rivers

The River Iver

Flows along

Like no other river ever does.

The River Ever

On the other hand

Does not flow at all

I don’t know why

Maybe it’s because…


the poetry of e e shortcummings #3

my ning

is no bigger than your -ning-

but your -ning-

has no beginning and no ending

indicating that it can sing

here is something

a king humming and dancing

entertaining with his bling

and moving anything in his way

is interesting

to anybody interested

in that sort of thing

he might just have a bigger ning

or a —ning—

even bigger than your -ning-

the poetry of e e shortcummings #2

my funny turpentine

swam the serpentine

for me

The em-dash.

The em-dash

“The ‘em’ dash.

What is—“

“It?” you asked for me,

finishing off my sentence,

as you always did.

“I shall tell—“

“Me!” you spoke, with such confidence that it seemed a shame to correct—

“You!” I finished. “But ‘touché’ for using the ‘em-dash’ correctly” — at this, your body, slumping, resumed posture somewhat— “in that instance.” I considered my next few words, you watching with anticipatory eagerness, just to ensure that my grammatical armour was protecting my punctuational Achilles Heel.

“The ‘em-dash’”, I here drew an example upon the blackboard, is a double dash that signifies interrupted speech. It can also be used, as I did just now, to insert a thought, or comment, into a line of dialogue. Is that—“

“Clear? Yes, miss, as clear as a… like a—“

“Clear thing? We shall discuss similes and metaphors in the next lesson. We shall learn like scholars, and be giants.”

“Thanks, Miss.”

the poetry of e e shortcummings #1

i do not want

what you have not got

so it is no good

offering it to me

and anyway it is probably too big

or too small

or it doesn’t even exist at all

which is most likely

actually I have one already

that i lost

that one was much too expensive

and i can not afford the cost of another

whi needs something that colour

have you not got one brighter

or duller

in pastels would be nice

however please do not offer it to me at all

let alone twice

because i do not think it would suit me

or i it

one little bit

By The Sea Shore

Down by the sea shore,

where the tidal currents play;

I walk.

and think about today.

Though often I’m distracted

by the birds who trawl the bay

as they hang about

with buddies,

and discuss the state of play.

That Song (on the radio) #Radio

I heard that song on the radio;

you know,

the one that makes your legs move,

and lightens your mood,

creates a smile,

The moment you hear

those opening chords,

that riff,

the almost remembered words in the verse,

the chorus all too enthusiastically sung

only slightly out of tune…

…and gets you moving around the room

as if you had not a care in the world.

That song.

And then the song finishes

and you return



to your chores.