The Song of The Duck-Billed Platypus (on a bus).

Chords: Dm / F / C / Em

(and random others)

I’m a duck-billed platypus

Finding my way home on a bus

The people make such a fuss…

About me.

They say ‘What kind of thing are you?’

’Are you partially kangaroo?’

’You’re a strange beastly mammal!’

’Are you related to a camel?’

And I say:

I’m just a duck-billed platypus,

trying to get myself home on a bus

I didn’t mean to cause any fuss

But, I do.

I’m just a duck-billed platypus,

What kind of thing are you?

Don’t give me your attitudes

And your fancy kind of platitudes

I’m a duck-billed platypus;

On a bus,

Just trying to find a way home.


“Have you never seen a k*** before?”

Have you never seen a knee before?

There’s no need to make a scene, I’m sure.

My jeans just wore right through

at the mid-leg point, it’s true;

but, honestly, have you never seen a knee before?

To (or not to) be… #Shakespeare

To be or not to be,

or not to be to be;

that is the question

that I am asking you,

the question

that is tasking me,

is whether I should carry on

my wayward son

or right here, right now,

cease to be

or not to be.

There Was This Man…

There is a man*:

He looks like you,

He sounds like you,

He is you.

How are you doing?

How do you do?

*It actually wasn’t Syd (pictured above) but, looked like him, sounded like him, and wasn’t him – he was called Andy.

“Show Us The Poetry!”


Six little letters

one short word

and what can possibly go wrong

if you choose to write poetry?

What, indeed?

Is this a poem?

Is it prose?

Nobody really knows.

Just Gone…

It’s just gone seven

in four hours it will be

just gone eleven

and another hour after that

it will be…

just gone twelve.

This is not much of a poem

it doesn’t really rhyme

it merely comments

upon the present

and future time.

Carn Teen!

I was entranced by the entrance to Trenance.

In fact, I was stunned;

my mind reeling

from the whole experience.

I had certainly been here before;

but, had never seen it like this.

And each day brought something new;

we were making it ours

in every thing that we did.