Upon 2 Wheels

I am just a cyclist

Upon the pavement of life

No poet am I

Just a traveller

Upon two wheels

And it feels



Things change.

They don’t stay the same.

What was

Is now something different;

And what is

Will be different again.

The only thing that doesn’t change

Is change itself.

That fact is immutable.

933 LFW

933 LFW
Not a vehicle registration number

But it’s 09:33am

And I am Late For Work;

But, only in this poem.

“It’s not a poem!”

I hear you cry.

‘Why?’ Is my reply.

‘Lots of it rhymes

To my eye’

“Oh, yes – I suppose it does”

You mumble quietly.

And, I, smug as a poetic bug in a rug,

Grin within

But act all humble


…Upon This Very Stage…

If I died now…

This very moment…

Upon this very stage…

Who would finishing reading out this poem?

Would you?

Or would you try to bring me back?

Give me the kiss of life?

Return me to the task in hand?

For, I have been told, ‘nobody’ could read my poems

The way that I do.

And once gone…

Would they be silent?

NB Funny how some poems just happen. This took about two minutes and very little editing. Bit bleak; but, it’s only a collection of words in a certain order put. Graeme:)

Top 10 Looe Love Songs (week 3) plus some Songs lower down the chart.

The last in my Looe Love Songs, and as a treat we have some that haven’t quite made the top ten.
Just outside of the top ten we have: 
‘L.O.O.E. (LOOE)’ by Al Green
‘Still In Looe With You’ by Al Green
‘When Your In Looe With A Beautiful Woman’ by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.
‘Looe In The First Degree’ by Bananarama
‘All For Looe’ by Bryan Adams (with Rod Stewart and Sting)
‘Whole Lotta Looe’ by Led Zeppelin
‘Looe Hurts’ – by Nazareth
‘True Looe Ways’ by Buddy Holly and the Crickets
Where Is The Looe?’ by Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake.
‘I’m In Looe With A German Film Star’ by Passions
‘Looe On A Farm Boy’s Wages’ by XTC
‘Is That Looe?’ By Squeeze
But, in our top ten for this week, we have:
At number 10;
‘Can’t Help Falling in Looe’ by Elvis Presley
Number 9: ‘This Guy’s In Looe With You’ by Herb Alpert
Number 8: ‘Looe On The Rocks’ by Neil Diamond
In at number 7: ‘Looe Stinks’ by the J. Geils Band
Number 6: ‘It Must Have Been Looe’ by Roxette
Number 5: ‘I Want To Know What Looe Is’ by Foreigner
Straight in at Number 4: ‘Looe Is The Drug’ by Roxy Music
Number 3: ‘This Is Not A Looe Song’ by Public Image Limited
Number 2: ‘Friday I’m In Looe’ by The Cure
And this week’s Number One is: ‘You Give Looe A Bad Name’ by Bon Jovi
This has been fun, I shall see what I can concoct for next time.

What I would ‘really’ like is…

Not a canary

What I would like is

Sorrento’s Limoncello;

But, there’s no such thing.

A Jitter-Bugging Litter-Bug.

I’ve drunk my ‘rum-flavoured’ beer

So, I’ll leave the bottle…


Why should I put it in,

A bin?

I paid my cash

With my fake ID;

What makes you think

I’m going to be…


I leave my droppings on the floor;

A litter-bug, jitter-bugging all the more;

And who cares if the bottle smashes;

And if, later, children’s blood splashes

Upon the floor?

I know I don’t;

So why should you?

What good will keeping Britain tidy do?