Three ten

Three ten

Three ten

in the a m

and I should be fast asleep;

but, no, I’m not,

for I am slow awake.


The BananaBee

The BananaBee

The Banana Bee

is a myth, you see;

or rather, it is a myth

that you do not see;

and it’s not a moth,

or a butterflea;

it only exists in the-o-ry.

the BananaBee

is a made up thing

from yellow fruit

and a buzz on the wing;

a wondrous sight to see

is the beautiful, bounteous BananaBee.

‘Co’ #SoCS, @LindGHill

‘Co’ #SoCS, @LindGHill

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The room was quite…

well, quiet.

Copious amounts of the absence of noise.

Consequently, when I heard a pin drop, I was startled to say the least,

“The least!”

Thank you.

Who had dropped the pin, I did not know.

I looked around – I was not a square.

Pin’s location and hurler, I knew not where. Nor did I care.

I picked up the pin, and remembered the rhyme:

‘See a pin, pick it up, all the day you’ll have a pin.’

which never made sense to me.

‘Cobalt is a colour: it could be brighter, it might be duller.’

which is something I’ve just made up – is there no beginning to my talents?

“Indigestion, My A**e!” – the musical.

“Indigestion, My A**e!” – the musical.

From an original idea by

Golden Sack Productions

Featuring a motley crew of scallywags and ne’er-do-wells

In the prequel to the sequel of…

Not the Monty Python’s Flying Nine-o’Clock News Circus’s…

Screen adaption of the book of the novel of the graffiti of the recipe of…

The stage musical of the freebie…

Of Mark Goldsack’s

Acclaimed inversion of a Chekhov (not from Star Trek) play, set in 18th century Venice (or Burnley)…

The reward-winning…

“Indigestion, My A**e!”



Deborah the debutant

was debonair;

she loved Debussy in her hair;

scorned debauchery with a care;

debated Sartre with whomever there;

debased the currency

on her debut

at Maddison Square –

saving the debacle,

she was nonpareil (without compare);

debate all this – if you dare.



No poems today; because it is raining hard, and I have dried up.

My Garden Haiku (8-8–8)

My Garden Haiku (8-8-8)

My Garden Haiku needs weeding

as it has grown beyond what is

and what is not acceptable.