Ouzo, King of All England

Ouzo, King of All England

I heard you are writing a story.

Yeah, I’m doing the great story of England.

The great story?

Yeah the one about Ouzo


Yeah the young lad, Ouzo – everybody knows it.

I don’t know it.

Yes, you do.

No, I don’t. How does it start?

With these words, ‘Ouzo ever pulls this sword from this stone and anvil..’

I couldn’t help but think…

I couldn’t help but think…

… that Quink ink

is not the thing to drink

when your ship’s about to sink.

“Have you seen the Muffin Man?”

“Have you seen the Muffin Man?”

Singing: Have you seen the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man;

Have you seen the Muffin Man-

Spoken: Yes, but I ate him.

I met him…

I met him…

I met him at the Candy Store

That’s when I fell for…

Lederhosen Jack

I met her…

I met her…

I met her in a candy store*

and seven years after

I could say I’ve met her before;

actually I’ve met her

many times since then

and I can’t say

I’ve ever been happier

when every day

I’m happier still,

seven years on

a couple destined

like Will & Ben –

or Ben & Will*.

*Poetic Licence has been used here – I actually met Jane in an Art House (‘The’ Art House), and we actually call ourselves Oola and Bob (from the mythical Oolabob and Bobaloo).

This is my Forgettable Poem (with its throwaway words and unfathomable phrases)

This is my Forgettable Poem (with its throwaway words and unfathomable phrases)

I don’t expect you to admire my words

when the title has promised so little;

in fact I don’t wish to belittle myself.

But, and here is the but – there is always a ‘but’ –

I seem to churn out the Words

in orders absurds

caring not a jot

for the writing I’ve got,

when rhyme is not

allowed to hasten the plot,

and alliteration alleviating anonymous algorithms

always accentuates absolutely all

apocryphal and actual

(insert something beginning with ‘a’ here)


a tame ending will always leave the reader

wanting less.

Saturday’s Sunrise Symphony.

Saturday’s Sunrise Symphony.

Like a Dawn Chorus,

but we joined in

and felt the weekend upon us.

Not that all who woke today

woke to a day of rest and recovery;

but, we do give thoughts to them.

Not everybody’s Saturday

is actually a Saturday.