Broccoli Cheese?

Courtesy of AMP allrecipes

“Broccoli Cheese?”
Broccoli Cheese?

A la Cauliflower Cheese?
Why not?

It’s sure to improve the taste;

Will ensure no broccoli waste;

And as it’s one of your ‘5-a-day’,

It’s bound to be good for the waist.
So, for ‘Broccoli Cheese’

I’d make haste.


How To… Poet!

The latest in our ‘How To…’ guides, is…

How To… Poet.
Example 1: The Haiku (keeping it simple)

Often heard from prospective poets are these three anguished statements:
“I can’t be a poet!”
“It’s much too hard to rhyme things!”
“People will mock me!”
None of which are true (‘and’ the three lines make a passable Haiku)
Firstly: “Yes! You can be a poet – in fact, you probably are one already;

is your name Freddy the Poet?” 
No, seriously, Freddy, (you can change the details) but ‘you’ are the poet-in-waiting. 
That may be stating a fact that you can’t relate to; but, rhymes are appearing as we speak – as though they are leaking through from Planet Poetry.
Take the simplest of poems: ‘The cat sat on the mat.’ Everyone knows that; but does that poem go on to include a rat, a gnat or a cricket (bat)? 
See, it’s easy (almost a poem there, too!)

Secondly: Rhymes are easy (mostly) and lots and pots of things rhyme all the time.
Try making up rhymes for: Cat, Thing and Bed.
See, it is easy (as I said before, all these rhymes are easy-peasy!)
Okay, there is more to it than that; but, we shall expand on that later, alligator.
Thirdly: Mockers are just people with their own insecurities. They should look in their lockers (hearts) and dwell only upon purities (good thoughts and deeds). 
‘You’ are worthy to be something; being a poet is cool, it doesn’t make you a fool; and being a poet just takes self-belief for you to know it (and you honing your poeting craft).
Anyways, little and often

Softens the workload

And makes the road less travelled

A knot that is unravelled

Before your eyes…
“Hey! It’s true – I tell no lies.”
PS Haikus are three line poems that originated in Japan and they have lines of five/seven/five syl-la-bles (you get a syl-la-ble when you. Real a word up into its sections. ‘Ant’ has 1 syl-la-ble; Pen-ant has 2; Cro-co-dile has 3 and so on.
Next up:

Example 2: The Limerick 

S-o-C @ 02:45 a.m.


(Or dumb)

As though of hemlock

(Substitute ‘lack of sleep’ there)

I had imbibed

(Is ‘imbibed’ the word?)

Like in that poem

By… that poet

(Can’t remember his name)

(Can’t look it up as this is a S-o-C piece)

(I’ll kick myself when I do look it up – PS other ‘look-it-up’ services are available – even though I didn’t mention the G-word)


(I like the concept of G-word – I am use that as a basis for a poem / idea).

Now,,what was I saying!

Oh, yes-

Anyway, I feel a bit like the guy who ‘imbibed’ the hemlock might have felt…

If he felt a little bit like I am feeling now.

I wonder if he went and slept off the effects?

(Obviously a ‘rhetorical’ question – right?)

So, that seems to be the sum

Of my being numb

(Comfortably so – a la Pink Floyd – wrote ‘Ponk Floyd’ the first time – lol – and who says ‘lol’ anymore? So yesterday).

Until tomorrow (when the Today that I thought would never come becomes the yesterday that did..

(No, that’s totally wrong – do you think you’ll notice?)

Have a great day


Perjinks, Clouds, Phuts, and Chilean Lice (a gaggle of tiny gems)


Nobody thinks

About Perjinks, these days;

Not even in Bonny Scotland

Where she was born.

She wouldn’t mind

Being hard to find

As long as she existed at all.

Chilli and Rice

One day, in the CafĂ©, 

Jo is singing a little ditty

About the ‘special’ upon the menu for today

“Chilli and Rice, Jillian Price!
There’s nothing as healthy as Chilean Lice!”
Jillian Price: I beg your pardon!
Jo: Sorry, just singing a song.
Jillian Price: That’s okay then; I’ll have some cake and a slice, please.
Jo: Cake and a slice
Take my advice

There’s nothing as healthy

As Chilean Lice!
Jillian Price: If you say so.

Whilst Out Walking On A Wednesday

Vega (photo: me!)

Gravity has been checked, and works;

Rain clouds are positioned at the ready;

It is time.

The dogs and I head off

For an adventure.

The grass beneath our feet,

The sky above our heads: Just the way we like them.
We run.

Okay, most of us run…
Two thirds of us run;

I walk along writing my stuff.

It’s what I do.

They ‘ruff!’

It’s what they do.

To swap would be silly;

Though, I dare to say,

That I would make a good ‘ruffer!’

But; I doubt whether they could turn a phrase

Quite as well as I.

Haiku (photo: by me!)

Things On (Or In) Things…

Fox on a bus

Possibly driving it;

Rabbit on a boat

Just don’t say it;

Other things upon

Or in

Other things…
What do you suggest?

Coffee-Time Amusings #2

I’m just drinking

My coffee…

Thinkin’ ’bout things.

I should be more specific

About ‘which’ things.

But, my mind is wandering,

Wondering about this

Hopping, like a bird,

Upon that;

And then flying off to seek

Something else

(Probably ‘not’ a worm).
I should now confirm

That until I’ve had my second coffee, I am nothing;

After that second drink…

I am able to face the World…

But, is the World ready for me?
 Actually, the World barely knows that I exist.
Perhaps it because I do like to keep a low profile on my shopping list.