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An Interview with the Boss #MayInvolveNaughtyBits


Boz: You’re half-past decent!

App: Oh, you’re quarter-too kind!

Boz: Your CV is recent?

App: Is the Pope a Catholic? Does he worship God?

Boz: It is rumoured so. Not that ‘that’ is relevant.

App: Humour breaks the ice, I find.

Boz: Well, if you do use humour as an ice-pick, please let me know.

App: Right, I shall do just so. My CV is as fit as my Cardio-Vascular system. I work out a bit.

Boz: Always good to do your workings-out on a piece of paper, I find; there’s often a piece about.

App: I don’t follow you.

Boz: That is as it should be – I could well do without a stalker.

App: Ha! What I meant was, I ‘don’t understand all that you are saying to me.’

Boz: Which is exactly right when it comes to the relationship between employer and ‘potential’ employee.

App: I have ‘potential?’

Boz: I think that there is more a ‘potential’ of a ‘potential.’

App: Thanks. I am now glowing in the almost warmth of a nearly compliment.

Boz: I have to put you through this wordplay; if you pass with your colours flying I shall be in a position to think about possibly short-listing you for the long-list.

App: It keeps getting better.

Boz: You would start at the bottom and gradually work sideways.

App: sounds reasonable.

Boz: Really? I was thinking you would insist on promotion within a reasonable time scale… and wages.

App: Well, yes; promotion in lieu of my inevitable experience and enthusia- did you mean there aren’t any wages.

Boz: It’s like an internship in that you do lots of work for me (if I give you the opportunity) and I pay you with experience and the prestige of having been associated with me. You might even get yourself a job with all the graft to help you on your way.

App: I’ve gone off the idea.

Boz: The ‘idea?’

App: Yes, the ‘idea’ that you were a company I could work for.

Boz: I will survive without you.

App: I dare say. And I can think of a hundred companies that would ‘love’ to have me as a CEO.

Boz: You can?

App: Yes. I am already fully qualified to be one – judging from you.

Boz: Charming!

App: No, I certainly wouldn’t have to be that.

Boz: In that case… you’re fired!

App: You haven’t even ‘hired’ me, yet. Idiot!

Boz: No, you are right. I seem to be getting some of this wrong.

App: Yes. Tell you what; I’ll be the boss now – you be the applicant.

Boz: Very well, Miss Long-Stopping. But, as your boss I do take these scenarios very seriously. I shall have to… well, consider your position in the company.

App: And, I, as your partner in ‘our’ relationship, shall have to consider ‘well’ what punishment I can give a naughty boss who has gone beyond her powers.

They stood there covered in a sheen of perspiration and nothing else. Then, after a quick recap, carried on their role-play / love-making.

Boz2: so, Miss Happenstance, I think that I can put you to work immediately.

App2: You can?

Boz2: Certainly. Let’s get down to some business.

App2: Yes, Boss.

Story To Be Written Here… 2 (Updated)


I was sat stirring my wooden coffee with my wooden coffee stirrer, when…

…Edward and Den wandered my way. I watched and waited. Would Edward wink? Would Den? …

…To my surprise Edward was the first one to wink and then Den, I couldn´t believe it! What do I do now?

…I smiled. Then I said, ‘Good Morning, Gentlemen.’ Their faces were so funny, they looked at each other…

“Do you remember anything from last night?” they both chimed in unison….looking like two cats that had swallowed the favorite pet mice of the mistress.
In their defense “the mistress” only kept pets and people in order to torment them for her own amusement.
These two employees of hers were called Den and Edward because “the mistress” could not be bothered to learn their real names. There had been four sets of “Den and Edward” in the last two years I had worked for her.
I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened last night that they were winking at me about with weird looks of guilt on their faces…

Please continue the story, as Jane of Jane’s Musings (, charlypriest (, niasunset ( and Gentle Kindness ( have done, in the comments box below and I shall update the post with your words. Just a bit of fun. G:)

Thank you

We Do What We Can


We do what we can
Sometimes that relates to little
Or nothing
But we have something
When we do words.

As I…

Perhaps this one!

Perhaps this one!

I write as I walk
As I travel
As I move
As I think
As I mkae mistakes with spelling
As I correct them (usually)

It is what your left thumb is for.

(Did I mention that it’s raining)

So keeping one eye on the road ahead
And one eye on my screen
And one eye (my mind’s eye)
On my thoughts
I write these words

Just imagine me walking into a lamppost now!


Now wasn’t that worthwhile?

NB I actually didn’t walk into a lamppost – however, a passing vehicle transferred the contents of a puddle upon me! Nice! G:)

Please Move Along – Nothing To See Here!

move along!

move along!

These words do not exist
There is nothing here to see
Please move along
Forget about me
Nothing of any substance
To be read
In this place
And in the space
Of worthy words
Are these
That I have hired to look
After the page where they may go…

Was that money well spent?

NB Rush Words is where I just write short, sharp stuff – not too deep, not too much editing – it just is. G:)

Have I the Words? The Sequel!


Have I? Really?

Now that my travails are done
And I can relax into my writing state
What do I have to say?

How went my day?

It was nothing spectacular
And will be remembered for but a short while
Not that we need fireworks all the time
(That would soon leave me feeling numb)
Or constant laughter
(Liken that to living life in an asylum)

No, simple smiles
And warm thoughts of home
Are the order of the day;
Give me peace and love
And an inner happiness
That shields my heart from harm;
Then all will be good.

NB Please have a read of the original ‘Have I the Words?’ to be found at:

Thank you G:)

Have I the Words?


Have I?

I poise myself to write
Nervous, lest I am trite.
Have I the words of worth
Or should I refrain
From spouting fourth again
With little sense and meaning,
And much insensibility and preening?

No. I shall hold my pen’s tongue
Until my writhy tool
Has something of mine less unworthy
To scribe upon the Virgin canvas.

I may be some time
In the pursuits of a decent
And admirable poem to rhyme.

NB Have I the Words? The Sequel! Is available now on this site. G:)

How I Write (six minutes of time well spent?)

Let's not be hasty...

360 seconds…

(Start 21:59)

I write as I see fit

I don’t put extremes of thought into it

I just let the words flow

And see where they go

Which means that they surprise me sometimes

More often than not

What I write has ‘some’ quality in it

Just a bit


If I have some luck with the flow.

Sometimes, the rhymes are cool

Often they make me out to be a fool

Who doesn’t know the Arsenal from the group Elbow

It goes to show that I am shallow and fleeting

Not a proper poet who confers the greeting of peers

Whose fears at their vulnerability

Are not threatened by my limited ability;

Hence, my agility in writing  at speed

Will lead to the above…

And when push comes to shove…

Can I write a proper poem?

Well, if I had to.


(End 22:05)

“There may be a slight delay in the flow of my words due to the unforeseen lack of pre-planning on my part – in the meantime…”


Is it right that I
Should try to write something
When I
Have absolutely
No idea
What it is that I
Want to write about?

I sit here with my pen
(that is my thumb)
And my blank piece of paper
(my mobile)
With out a clue
Without a plan
Without a conviction
That I have something to do
I’m just a man
In a prediction.
And my predilection for
Firing words to poems
As soon as they are located
In my bated-mind
Leaves me to find
Now, that this absence of mine
Has crossed the line
And I may just have to leave
A plank beige
Or even a blank page.

Its also NTD todday!

Ecscuse typeoes - Otto Korrect c.1867

Ecscuse typeoes – Otto Korrect c.1867

It is what it is. And what is it? Part of writing. We all do it and it’s a part of us. I am gulity of it often. Please donut mock me four it; I shall crie… Pawsibly. G:)