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The News Today from Ankara…


I lead a safe life

I have no fears that life will give me a four-second hand grenade today

I am lucky

Fortune of birth has placed me in a position of false reality

My reality is not yours

You may wake up to another day of hand-to-mouth existence; a trek to gain water that is murky with who knows what; a possible loss of friends, family, loved ones, who depended on you

They may lose you

I wake up every day and there is food in my cupboard and my realities of comfort are all around

But, as for you…

All things being equal – they are not – we would all share the good and the bad

We don’t

So, I say a little prayer for the world

All-Around-The-World Haiku (a haiku [or more] a day for World Poetry Day 21st March 2015)

World Poetry Day plus 1

(AKA ‘An Englishman an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bargain basement)

18th October

Flag England

United Kingdom Haiku (not technically a country, but I thought that as it’s where I am – I would make an allowance).

United Kingdom

(Well, that is the first line done)

Green and pleasant land.


Flag England

England Haiku

Where Angles once met

With the Saxons and did stay

It is not Saxland!


Flag Ireland

Ireland Haiku

Ireland, to be sure;

Emerald green and Guinness;

Top of the morning.


Flag Scotland

Scotland Haiku

Haggis; Robbie Burns;

Bagpipes and a warm sporran;

Porage with some salt.


Flag - Wales

Wales Haiku

Iechyd da! they greet us

Yakki Darr is what we hear;

Good Morning to you!


Flag Nortern Ireland

Northern Ireland Haiku

Lough Neagh at its heart;

Ship-building and the ‘troubles’

Bangor is pretty.


NB and if anybody would like me to put up a haiku of theirs for their country of the world (and we can put some up for states of America, counties of Uk and Ireland, etc.) let’s see how that goes, shall we? Graeme:) –

Further Reference  to the Flags used can be sought here:Flags - Fun-with-Flags

Though it may not be found there!