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Wolf @ the Door


“I’m hungry like da wolf;
Da wolf at da door;
Hurry up and let me in,
Or I’ll fade away for sure.”

So, feeling kind I let him in
And, where do I begin,
He ate my arm, my leg (and then the rest of me)
I know – I ‘never’ win.

“But, how did you write this poem without any limbs?” you ask.
Well, you see, I am a poet
Who is ‘up’ to the task.

NB this is Based upon Jane (LOML) being ‘hungry’ and my poeticising that. Simple G:)

Animal Matters


I am aware, Wolf, that the things you say are true; but, I am still having trouble getting used to a talking wolf.”

Wolf the wolf looked at the penguin.

You’ll get used to it; but, it’s beyond me what you are doing in this laundrette!” said Wolf.

Just waiting for my washing to finish.” elucidated Pengui the Penguin.