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I look at the twenty-fifth letter of the Alphabet
And ask the question: why?

I look at the busy market square
Trying to find Waldo
And the question is: where?

I look at the glass filling up
And the question is: when?

I look at the physician
And the question is: who?

I look at the power output level indicator
And the question is: what?

I look at myself
And the question is: where is the sallow youth of fifteen?

What Swat?


A question I often ask myself
(With little hope of a sensible answer)
Is: ‘What swat?’

This one?

Or should I go out of my way
And buy a copy of Which Swat?

Have any of you kind readers the offer of your good swat experiences to give me. Please.

I don’t actually want to hit anything with the swat what I get (does that sound grammatically right?) as I am a pacifist. But, I have to show willing.

Thank you (in advance)