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A Brighter State Of Mind (a parody) by Graeme Sandford




Starbucks Mug (large) & contents

Starbucks’ receipt


Waterstones carrier bag (containing book – title?)

Coffee Drinker (1)

Biscotti (1)


 I was wondering about song lyrics recently and had been trying to make sense out of some pretty obscure songs, when this idea hit me.


(intro verse – 28 seconds)

sat with Starbucks’ mug, menu and serviette on tray. Maybe a Waterstones Bag. Sip drink.


I sipped a mocha latte,
In Starbucks, coffee store.
I was feeling kind of headsick,
Couldn’t take it any more.
The stress was getting larger,
As the demons came to play.
So I queued up for another drink,
I waited with my tray

And so it was much later

As the waitress robbed me blind,

That the story that she told me

Caused a brighter state of mind.

(instrumental  1/2 verse – 28 seconds)

She said there are no muffins,
The ovens broke, you see
But if you want a biscotti,
I’ll give you one for free
Choose from sixteen fresh paninis
Or why not try some breakfast toast.
And although the cafe’s open,
You can come back when we’ve closed.

Behind the counter later,
Where the waitress was so kind,
And the comfort that she gave me,
Caused a brighter state of mind.


SD – Take book out of Waterstones Bag – Titled ??


(end and fade – 28 seconds)