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What Swat?


A question I often ask myself
(With little hope of a sensible answer)
Is: ‘What swat?’

This one?

Or should I go out of my way
And buy a copy of Which Swat?

Have any of you kind readers the offer of your good swat experiences to give me. Please.

I don’t actually want to hit anything with the swat what I get (does that sound grammatically right?) as I am a pacifist. But, I have to show willing.

Thank you (in advance)


Which Witch?

A great book

A great book

Why are most witches ‘wicked?’ We need to see a ‘wicket’ witch on the pitch at a cricket match
Or a lickéd witch on the seafront wearing not a stitch.
Or a ‘ticket’ witch at the railway station: “I can tell you which way to reach your destination, my sweetie!”
Or a ‘pickled’ witch at a beer festival;
Or afterwards when she drove her broomstick into a ditch.
A ‘tickled’ witch at a comedy show.
A ‘fickle’ witch at the witch taxi rank unable to make her mind up which broom to hitch a lift from.
A ‘pickety’ witch – much the same as the last one.
A ‘rickety’ witch, old as the hills and a bit too familiar.
Or any other kind of witch other than a wicked one.