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Approaching Dusks! A Warning!


A Word of Warning When Approaching Dusks!

No, not a misprint (Although ‘Ducks’ should also be approached carefully); this is about that time of day when the evening is almost upon you (or, depending on the season, has been and arrived already) and the sun is gently setting in the West (as it does – if yours doesn’t please seek advice).

I am talking about the dusky twilight time of the day – the time when the chilled white wine can be opened and appetising canapés served with a degree of decorum (or, if preferred, a can of lager, four straws, and a bag of crisps may fit the bill – other options are available to suit differing tastes).

However, and here is the word of warning… ‘beware’ or ‘Beware’ or maybe even ‘Beware!’ Or if deemed absolutely necessary ‘BEWARE!!!!’
(Although to go to that extreme is not normally required in polite society).

Beware the Jabberwock!
Beware the dog / cat / children, ducks, etc.
Beware the Ides of March
Beware the Bee

But, most of all beware the dusk.

“Why?” You may ask.
And ask you may.
But, if you think I have an answer to ‘that’ question…

… then you obviously don’t know me well enough.


State of the Nation


State Of The Nation

My eye is caught by the glittering shards from a vandalised bus stop; and victimised walls where graffiti disciples have left their calling cards –

Tag! You’re it!”

Last night’s take-aways adorn pavements; castaway chips lay marooned upon the shore; trashed up litter bins lay supine, resting upon the unholy mess of ground with their contents spewn around them.

By the lake there is a sign “No Fishing!” There is also a sign that the ‘young people’ have been there, too!

A shopping-trolley seeks absolution (it has found a solution) for leaving the realm of its use – and kneels, upended in the shallows; and, around the lake three haloes drift; life-preservers cast into the waters; not to save a drowning soul but to slate the thirst for warped humour that the ‘young people’ are cursed with.

Note to Visitors

If you do have cause to fall into the ornamental lake, please could you take care to fall near to a life-preserver and save yourself it would be much appreciated – thank you

The Council.