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Haiku: ‘Ten!’ by Graeme Sandford

The ‘End’ is nigh!
The destruction of our race!
“Help us, oh Lord!”

What to do?
We just haven’t a clue!
Make love to you?

Kiss ass ‘goodbye?’
You mustn’t see me cry.
It’s almost time!

Don’t want to die!
Au revoir cruel world!

“Zero…!” (Click) “Restart!”

What? ‘Ten!’ Again!
Are you having a laugh?
This is stupid!

It’s faulty!
I’ll have to take it back.
‘Early Warning!’

A bit worried.
In fact, a ‘lot’ worried!
Where shall I hide?

I can’t decide!
Farewell my life, my…
“Zero…!” (Click!) “Restart!”

Right! That’s ‘it!’
It’s definitely wrong!
Bl**dy device!

Oh, give me strength!
“Ignition! You are now dead.”

“April Fool!”
What the…………!

Remember Remember

At the break of the day,
And at the setting of the sun;
At the approach of the darling buds of May
When all is lost or won
When push comes to shove
And minds and hearts to love
Then shall you be free
To choose to win to lose
For as you walk along the valley of the shallow half-breath
You shall fear no-one
And none this day shall be afear’d
That lie abed and count themselves unlucky to have been so.

For those that have gone
Those that are
And those yet to be
Or not
May we be truly thankful



The Eleventh Day of the Elev… Fourth Month!? by Graeme Sandford



back in 1914

before the war

there was a feeling of impending


a certain sense of something

about to happen


that was 100 years ago


96 years ago there was a hope that an end

for good

was in sight

so many had fought through so much

for so little


or so they thought


That was before


The End



The Great War



War To End All Wars


World War One

Which it wasn’t then


came to be called so later


they continued the series


World War Two

the war after

the War To End All Wars


to be continued…


i hope