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Train Times (For Out Of Here!)

Not for my journey

Not for my journey

I was considering train times
As a possible source of rhymes
But, I think I missed the boat on that one, alas

I thought I’d pen a few lines in my compartment
Upon my carriage and deportment
But, I am a bit of a slob when it comes to class

I was almost derailed by the thought of a buffet trolley
But, missed the points of going the whole nine railway yards; what a wally.

I am in training.

What for?
I know not

Where to?
That would be my destination.

Just the ticket!

All aboard!

Running for the Train


Running for the train

I’m running for the train
I hope my effort’s not in vain
For to miss my desired train
Would mean I’d have to wait…
…for the next one
And waiting for the train
(Although much less effort is required)
Is such a pain.

(On the Platform, On the Train) on Writing Poetry

This is a random platform - other platforms are available.

This is a random platform – other platforms are available.

Sat on the bench of the platform at the railway station
Writing random poetry
As I do.

Then, stood in the corridor of a busy train on my way to work
Writing random poetry
As I do.

Then, driving off to far offish office lands for to carry out my chores
Not writing, but thinking;
Drowning in my random poetry
That is my lot
What’s yours?

Dogs on Trains (You’ve got to believe them)

Vega, 1st Class Passenger.

Vega, 1st Class Passenger.

I’m looking out the window
At the cows going by
I’m on the train to somewhere
But, I really don’t know why.

Because, I’m a dog of leisure
With all the world to see
Travelling’s a pleasure
As I travel First Class style – comfy!

There’s no rubbing shoulders with the smelly hoi-polloi
I have the greatest leg room of them all;
And no-one else I’ve seen has had a tickle of their tum;
If only one would stop and throw my ball.

Train travel, first class,
I’ll always recommend
Just bring a human with you
‘They’ have much more fun when they travel with a friend.

Reading Between The Lines


Reading between the lines
Upon the railway track
I never noticed the locomotive’s
Breath upon my back

I failed to factor in the danger
Of my interest in reading
Whilst nestled in the pathway
Of a steam-engine unheeding

Don’t run me down, you iron horse,
Don’t insist I pay the fare
For travelling incognito
To a destination where

I can strum my harp
Or stoke the fires
Or linger in between
With the tracks of my tears

To remember me by

Parallel Lines


Parallel lines take me away from you
Parallel lines bring me back
I think that these rigid lines of commutication
And dis-communication
Have put me on the wrong track
Choo! Choo! Choo! Choose wisely
There’s no Second Class carriage, you see
Choo! Choo! Choo! Choose wisely
I’m still hoping that you keep on choosing me.

Writing Haiku doesn’t keep one warm when it is tres cold at the Train Station – I know!


At the train station
Waiting for the Eastleigh train
To take me to work.

It is cold, today;
But, it will warm up later;
Then it will be hot.

It is a ‘Monday!’
The first day of my work week;
As it starts again.

By this time Friday
I will have almost finished
And the week near done.

But, not quite there yet;
Still here on a Monday morn,
With lots yet to go.