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The Train Gates at Totton – 15-10-2015


The lights were on
The gates were down
Nobody was waiting
Then, the train went through
The gates went up
The lights went out

I walked towards the gap

Then the lights came on
The gates went down
(Nobody had gone through)
But, this time
Two cars
And a weary traveller
Were its victims

They waited
I crossed the bridge
And then the train went through

It could have been the same train
As if on a toy-train set
But, I think, upon reflection, that it probably wasn’t

The gates went up
The lights went out
The two cars went through.

I never looked back

Waiting at the Train Gates (Totton)

Train Gates

They stop me
More often than not
And I watch the train
Or trains
Go by
Sometimes as many as four
I don’t remember more
But, four is an exception
Not a rule
And sometimes the gates open
And let a few cars through
But, not usually mine
Before they close again
Which is fine
As I’m happy to wait
And to watch the next train
Go by.