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Haiku: ‘Twelve’ by Graeme Sandford

Christmas: Day One dawns...
A bird of some kind... with 'tree!'
What is going on?

Day Two... What's in store?
More birds (but, no more 'pear' trees)
NB: Get Bird Seed.

Day Three: More wildfowl!
Now getting beyond a joke;
What next, I wonder.

Day Four: Learning French;
Having to build aviary;
Need some counseling!

Day Five: Delivery;
By two security men
In armoured vehicle!

Day Six: Pawned the rings;
Bought a good set of ear muffs;
Honking, Squawking birds!

Day Seven: Enough!
What can I do with these swans?
I can't eat the things?

Day Eight: What! For real?
It's like that old Christmas song
I'm not taking this!

Day Nine: All sorted.
Restraining Order granted;
Refused the Dancers!

Day Ten: Went to beach.
Left a note on my front door:
'Not today, thank you!'

Day Eleven: Birds gone.
They flew, waddled, swam, were sold;
And, 'peace' now returns.

Day Twelve: Knock at door!
"You ungrateful little sh..."
"Sorry, just moved in."

Wal-ku 7 (on walkies – Stones & Words) by Vega




Is that where ‘dead’ people go?

And they become bones?”



Haiku: ‘Eleven’ by Graeme Sandford

eleven buns

"Eleven? One short!
"Have you eaten one of these?"
"Not one," I replied.

"You've eaten two, then;
A 'baker's dozen, was it?"
"I cannot lie... yes!"

"I am now one short!"
"One short dude, indeed!" I thought,
"I'll get another."

"Too late; they're here 'now!' "
"Who are? 'They?' Whom do you mean?"
"The twelve bun-eaters!"

"Never heard of them!
Until recently, that is."
"Ha! 'Very funny!

"Not!" He then added.
"One might have an allergy!"
"A story-teller?"

"No!" you imbecile!
"A bad reaction to buns!"
"They're all 'bun-eaters!' "

"Or one's missed the bus!"
They are staying in the town;
A 'two minute' walk!"

"Cut one bun in half!"
"I think that 'they' will notice!
They're 'professional!'"

"Name gives it away.
"They're called 'The Baker's Dozen!'"
"There are 'how' many?"

"Thirteen, in total -
Though one of them's the mascot -
We'll say 'he' ate one!"

No Wal-ku 1 (on no walkies – Rain and Inside) by Vega



“It’s raining outside;

And I’m ‘not’ going walkies:

Dad is a big wuss!”




Haiku: ‘Nine (Nein!’) by Gooneme Sangfroid

"Nine, my capitain!"
"Are you sure; we're outnumbered!"
"Nein, mon capitain!

I can count to nine
And then I have to stop there."
"But, why, Bluebottle?"

"Due to my fingers!"
"Your 'fingers!' Surely you've ten!"
"I have, mon hero!"

"Then why not count 'ten?'
"Because one was up my nose!"

"That is true, mon oeuf,"
"But, what about shoes and socks?"
"But, 'what' about them?"

"You could remove them,"
"Yes, I could do that it is,"
"Then count much higher,"

"I could count to twelve!"
"Twelve? How many toes have you?"
"I have 'ten' toes, why?"

"You could reach twenty!"
"If I count my toes?"
"Yes, with toes, 'twenty!' "

"But, mon Capitain,
If I count all of them..."
"Yes?" "Then..." "Yes?" "Nine!...ish!"

Haiku: ‘Two’ by Graeme Sandford

Hamlet: the great dane:
Said ‘To be… or not to be?’
And ‘not’: ‘When is lunch?’

William Shakespeare
Wrote about that tragic tale
In ‘Hamlet’ the play.

Haiku: ‘One’ by Graeme Sandford (01.08.2014)


The Three Musketeers:
‘All for one, and one for all!’
by Alex Dumas.