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Dans Ma Poche (In My Pocket)

Not my 'actual' pocket.

Not my ‘actual’ pocket.

Dans ma poche (In my pocket)

I have a ticket pocket
That I keep my tickets in
There is every single ticket
I’ve had since time begin
Tickets for the cinema
Tickets for the train
(Both tickets for the going forth,
And the coming back again)
Tickets to see sea-lions
Tickets to hear live bands
Tickets to some local places
Tickets to strange ‘foreign ‘ lands
Tickets to places and things
Where I never went at all
Tickets to anything and everything…

That pocket… is quite full.

“Everybody sing along…!”


Everybody: (Singing)

Everybody’s going to the moon

And they going there very soon
But everybody better take care
Because there aren’t enough toilets up there!
The end