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They Say…


They said it would rain
They said it would do so at four
Rain… at four… for sure

They said that it would rain upon Magpie and Plover
They said: “It would be best
If you ran for cover;
Lest you discover the meaning of wet.”

It isn’t quite four
And I haven’t run yet
They say I’m mad
And who am I
To say different.

What ‘They’ Say.

‘They’ ‘say’ that my poetry really stinks; that, if heard, it would bring a grimace to the face of the immutable Sphinx; but, I don’t care what anyone thinks; my poetry is fine… to me.’They’, also ‘say’ that my rhymes are turgid and bland; that they could curdle milk and cause plagues throughout the land; but, I don’t mind, I understand – ‘they’ just don’t get the point… do you see? And ‘who’ are ‘they’ anyway? Just some jumped up critics, I suppose, analytics or the like, who can just get on ‘their’ bikes and go and read prose!