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When Mint Imperials Went Metric (You Do the Math)


“Half-an-Inch, Keep Up!”

“Here Am I, Keeping Upwind!”

“Half-an-inch, KetchUp!”

“That’s A No-Know, Algebra!”

“Trust A No-Know-it-All!”

“And another thing…” #Tanka

6 of 3! G:)

6 of 3! G:)

“And another thing…” #Tanka

Nope. Nothing else here;
Empty vessel; but, no noise;
Silence in buckets;
Which is in an abundance;
But, it’s too hot for dancing.

And another thing…
Why is the weather so mad;
It’s loop-the-loopy;
And shouldn’t this tanka rhyme?
Once, if not all of the time?

And another thing…
This tanka is much too short
By at least two lines.

“Oh, I see, it’s a haiku;
Well, that would explain it’s length.”

Another Mouse Bites the Cheese!


Another mouse bites the cheese!

The News: Mouse Bites Cheese!
Headline News? Well, maybe not;
For mice do not read
The mouse obituaries
Searching for lost family.

Poetry is not for the faint-hearted: an apology to poets, or the rhyming of dictionaries that is poetically fictionary.

Poetry 2

Proper‘ Poetry?
What on Earth is that about?
I won’t ‘do’ Haiku!

Nor an old Sonnet!
A Rondeau sounds quite severe;
Villanelles! Really!
And a Tanka fits the bill
When sleep needs a head to fill.

Stick with the free verse;
Where a stream of consciousness
That flows so calmly
Can turn into a torrent
And avoid the re-strict-ion of ‘rules
That I find so abhorrent!

Feeling Peckish!

I was stuck in the traffic and suddenly felt all peckish.

I was stuck in the traffic and suddenly felt all peckish.

In the traffic jam

In my hot and stuffy van

And feeling peckish.


Don’t know why that is

But I could murder some cheese

Hide the evidence;

And nobody would find it;

No, all would be gone!