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Time Stood Still – aka ‘The Day The Clock Stood Still’


Time Stood Still – 11-10-2015

Time stood still.

Never a month went by
When this happened.

We waited
Some in rooms aptly named
Some at tables with stationary diners
Some unknowing what it was that they were waiting for

Until finally the wait was over

And Time’s Wingéd Chariot
Set forth again
With all its wheels attached once more.

© (2015)

Some Words (in a random order)


A community of artists
Had contracted measles.
Lately, this had spread to their easels
(But, fortunately, their weasels were blessed with immunity).
So, enquiring to the possibility
Of hiring (and quickly firing – when job done) some finishists (or anti-startists)
The painter-types sought fainter hypes
With which to remove the lots of spots
To prove that quainter pipes
May get the hots for painting pots
And crushes with those who wield brushes
Could yield bonus paints
Is this going to work?
We don’t know, I shirk
If you have a clue, please phone us
We need your assistance
In this subtle dance
We shall
In a while
That the resist stance
Is futile.

Randomness is a virtual virtue (or is it?)

Warning - portal possibilities!

Warning – portal possibilities!

No matter if you can’t be a sayer
Of onomatopoeia.
Or if you get your ‘Euphoria’
Mixed up with your ‘Hypochondria’
They are only words
That in some quarters
(Or thirds)
Are no more relevant
Than an Indian elegant.
What matters is
Your passion
To avoid the trap
Of fashion
And whether you care
About the letters there
In order to put your best
In order, lest they fail to achieve
Their potential in another dimensional vista.
Platitudes at latitudes
And attitudes to longitudes
May change
Be re-arranged;
But ‘nothing’ lasts for ever;
And ‘something’ always changes
Strange is the thought that
That’s the way of things
C’est la vie!

Em is as Em does – yes, I know I’m being the ‘P’ word, again!


I am very nearly empathetic
Just lacking the ’em’ –
Which is probably one of those
‘short words’ in Scrabble.
I tend to dribble and drool
And my speech is mere babble
On I go, never pausing for thought
Saying much more than a thinking man ought
to think
I’ll turn to drink
And coffee’s my tipple of choice
It fires up my brain and ‘estranges’ my voice
(Strange being the operative part of that word)
Until I am not quite the man I thought I was (too much thinking going on here)
Which is not really an answer
Just an ex-clam on the sea-bed of the nation.
Did I mention coffee making my thought-processes strange?
I did?
Yup, I did!

A World of Woe!


A man walks into a laundrette and asks the lady there: “Have you got anything that will remove nasty stains from society?”

The lady replies: “Splinge!”

“Splinge?” Queries the man.

“Yes – and now with added Gribble-Tang!”
NB The World’s Woes cannot be easily solved – but, a laugh can help you to deal with a little of them for a little while – I try to see the lightness when all around may be less than bright. G:)

Animal Matters


I am aware, Wolf, that the things you say are true; but, I am still having trouble getting used to a talking wolf.”

Wolf the wolf looked at the penguin.

You’ll get used to it; but, it’s beyond me what you are doing in this laundrette!” said Wolf.

Just waiting for my washing to finish.” elucidated Pengui the Penguin.



It’s 2014 and ‘I’ am commemorating ‘Eep!’

Look before you leap

As still waters run deep

Swear words go bleepity-bleep

Climb the paths upon mountains steep

Who knows what is out there for you – take a Peep

you can only sow from what you reap (and don’t fear the reaper)

When in bed and counting sheep / Pray the Lord your soul to keep

Roadrunner and his immortal ‘Beep! Beep!’

And our little lives (and this poem) are ended with a sleep