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Waiting for the Train Home

It was just like this

It was just like this

The times they are a-changing
And the platforms, too
An announcement is made
And heard
And the herd for that journey
Up sticks and move from 4a to 3
For the 18:10 that is already nine minutes late
People with suitcases and bags, children, bikes and more
Climb the steps to try and reach the promised land
Whilst I almost miss my trusty steed
Because of 18:19 poem-writing
That is over-running due to task-in-hand
And will have to be finished-
“All A-board!”

First in Class


This splat form
please fill it out
As there is a train waiting
And you can’t delay
A train of thought;
Or something upon those lines.

If there is a point to all this
Then I do not know it;
It all points to some destination
But, as it may be a departure from my norm
I shall just see how it all pans out.

It may be a miscarriage of poetic justice;
Or just a jumble of words
That wag on randomly;
Or, it may be just the ticket;
From which a journey
Can depart-you to France
(If you know what I mean)
Or somewhere else.

If you choose to remain stationary
Then please can you fill out
This splat form – as there is another train of thought due along
Any time-table soon.