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Waiting at the Train Gates (Totton)

Train Gates

They stop me
More often than not
And I watch the train
Or trains
Go by
Sometimes as many as four
I don’t remember more
But, four is an exception
Not a rule
And sometimes the gates open
And let a few cars through
But, not usually mine
Before they close again
Which is fine
As I’m happy to wait
And to watch the next train
Go by.

Ode to My Old Area Telephone Code

Old Telephone (in case you are unsure)

Old Telephone (in case you are unsure)

Ode to my old Area Telephone Code

One seven oh three
When did you leave me?

You were here
For many a year
And now you’ve been gone
For many more

One seven oh three
Your replacement seems much less
Though its numbers number more
Two three eight

Southampton Code
Why did you have to go?

Totton (on the Mud)

“Wot! No poems!”
Okay, as you asked so nicely you can have a poem…
…about where I live….


The thing about Totton,
Which has never been forgotten,
Is that the place was not on
The map as where they invented cotton;
It’s more of a blot on
A landscape so rotten
And isn’t a spot on
The fine city of Taunton
Or Totnes, or Tottenham, and not on
Your life is it unusual to hear: “What on
Earth is that!”  Hot on
That thought’s heels, with kettle and pot on,
We find it difficult to plot on
A map its position, location,
And it’s not the place for a relaxing vacation
Of your own volition; trust intuition
And leave it well alone, put on
Your dancing shoes and spot on
Time waltz away until you are a dot on
The horizon.