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“Fridge Magnets everywhere, lend me you ears!”


Actual Fridge Inage from our Fridge

“To be
Or not to be…
Fridge Magnets?”
That’s not a question
For, Fridge Magnets is what we are
Being a Fridge Magnet is our raisin d’etre
Our reason for existing;
Our resistance to being a Fridge Magnet is futile
We state our message
Our quotation from the past
To the last
And we are proud
Never loud
Or allowed to be something
That we are not.
For without our inspirational words
A trip to the fridge would be pointless;
Would it not.

Unless… our being is just a fad;
‘That’ would be extremely bad;
If we were ignored by all and sundry
Who visited the refrigerator
From Monday to Sunday.
Our words, unheard?
How absurd!
With our comical tones
Or our thoughtful phrases
We were bought for a reason
Not for the changing of phases

But, now…
From new to old
Hot to cold
Wanted to…
How could life be so hard.
Take Will over there with his wise words from the Bard:
‘Nothing will come of nothing’
Well, that is pure genius, you see
But, you don’t ‘see’ any longer
And you may soon discard
What was once a treasure
As it is now a measure without measure.
And all may as well end
If, as you like us not
We are to be ungot
And not to be
Upon the fridge of frigididity.

Today’s Tudor Times?

Men and women…
Where in the world would you like to live?

I would like to live in a Shakespearean house
With an exit and an entrance
It’s just a stage that I am going through.

Happy BardDay or Not HappyBardDay? #NaPoWriMo

Happy Bardday
To you
Born in the sixteenth
Died in the seventeenth
Both on the twenty-third
Of the fourth
Known as The Bard
Life was hard
But, he wrote the waves
And the plays

The thing is
That we still revere
His Lear
The last breath
Of Macbeth
His version of
The recently re-interred
Richard third,
And Hamlet, Henry Vee,
Benedict, Beatrice, witches three
And so much more that truth be told
I’ll still be learning them when I grow old.

Will: I tried forsooth to write as best I could / The die was cast, the cast did die; they would.

And, so, I exit stage left pursued by bears.

And a hey-nonny-no

I go!

Haiku: ‘Nineteen’ (not-much) by Graeme Sandford


Nineteen, they do say,
Is a number of great state;
And… is today’s date.

‘N, N, N, Nineteen!’
Their average age was not…
It was twenty-two!

That is about it!
Nineteen is not really hot
In the number world.

Before is ‘eighteen’,
And after it is ‘twenty’
‘It’ is just ‘nineteen’.

No ‘Nineteen Wonders’
Nor ‘Nineteen Days of Christmas’
It’s not much at all.

One times ‘nineteen’ is…
And nineteen times one? Also…
Which is a poor show.

Three sixes are not;
And neither are six sevens;
It’s no ‘forty-two!’

Not a borrower
Nor a lender, give or take;
Nor step on a rake.

It is unlucky
In much the same way as is…
One-hundred and four.

It has little scope
When it comes down to our coins;
Twenty-pence is ‘more!’

It is that sad age
When a teenager is just
‘Almost’ an ‘unteen!’

It’s on a dart board,
At the bottom, by the three,
There; almost unseen.

It’s a number, yes,
On a twenty-four-hour clock
Sharing with seven.

It’s not the number
Of the cloud set for heaven
(‘Nine’ or ‘Eleven’).

It is just ‘nineteen’-
No ‘deadly sins’ hid within;
No ‘nineteen’ witches.

It is not at all
A number that’s likely to
Leave us in stitches.

‘Twenty-one shillings
Do make up one old ‘Guinea’
Two less than that is…

‘Nineteen!’ And the time
Of the Nineteenth Century
Was a while ago.

So, as for nineteen…
I haven’t a clue at all
What to write – do you?

Haiku: ‘Seven’ by Graeme Sandford


The Seventh sun of…

A ‘normal’ week with seven…

Days in it. What fun!

Seven dwarves – oh, no!

That is not PC at all; /

Now one is grumpy; // (

Seventh place in race /

Doesn’t get a podium – /

Just the taking part. //

Seven Cs in words /

That are too long to write here – /

Or just don’t exist. //

The Seven Winders /

Of a strange mechanism, /

That needs winding… lots! //

The seventh haiku, /

That is placed sixth – in order / –

To confuse people. //

The Seven Ages… /

Of Man – as Shakespeare did write, /

Before ‘his’ death scene. ///

NB try as I might, the edit feature refuses to let me put this as 7 haikus – sorry for the strange look, but I have now separated the lines and the haikus with slashes and double-slashes – normal service may be resumed. G;)

Haiku: ‘Three’ by Graeme Sandford


“I, Richard the Third,

Was true born King of England:

You call me ‘Crookback!’

Which is, I do think,

A little unfair: you see,

The Tudors, they lied!


I was a good king;

And Henry Tudor had ‘luck’

Not ‘God’ on his side.”

Haiku: ‘Two’ by Graeme Sandford

Hamlet: the great dane:
Said ‘To be… or not to be?’
And ‘not’: ‘When is lunch?’

William Shakespeare
Wrote about that tragic tale
In ‘Hamlet’ the play.