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Is there still DK in the state of Denmark?


And then there was silence

‘And the rest is silence.’ were indeed Hamlet’s final words before he entered the ‘undiscovered country’ of his earlier soliloquy.

But, there was only silence for the character, Hamlet.

And then he had to be reborn, live, and die again in the next performance.

To be
And be
And be
And soon
And so on

And the rest is…
Just a brief interval of recovery before the next act begins.

A Revised History of the Sixteenth Century

This needed a dust off and today was the day to do it. As we remember Will of Avon or as he he was known to his friends ‘Shaky Will’ – G:)

Graeme Sandford

sixteenth century

v/o Let us enter the TARDIS and return to a page in history

GRAMS: Dr Who music

Let us go back to the very start of the fifteen hundreds – fifteen-oh-nine if you want to be precise.

Part The First (or, He Was Henry the Eighth, He Was)

The miserly king, Henry the Seventh, was dead and his young and handsome son, Henry the Eighth ascended to the throne (as you can see we were going through another succession of Henry kings – similar to the French with their long line of Louis kings – if it hadn’t have been for the French revolution they’d have been up to King Louis the Soixante-Neuf by now).

The money that his father had scrimped and saved allowed the young Henry the Eighth to dabble in the old English pastime of warring with the French… or the Scottish… or both simultaneously. France at…

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