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…eep! (2)


Chimneys weep
Castles keep
Cows go beep
If their horns work
Sheep count sleep
Oceans are deep
Road-Runner goes ‘meep!’
Chicks go cheep cheep
Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep
“Very ‘umble!” goes Heep
GIs drive Jeep
Faith goes ‘leap!’
Whisky goes neep
Whistle-blowers peep
Sowers reap
Waters seep
Widows also weep
And creepers creep.

Just climbing up the poetry hill and it is steep.

Oranges are not the only fruit (that doesn’t rhyme)


I juggled some oranges

Outside of Gorringes

In Lewes, near Brighton, one day

They said “What are you doing?

We thought you were queuing

to look at the lots, here today.”

I said, “It’s high time

The orange had a rhyme

And your auction house so fits the bill

So, I’m juggling fruit

In my very best suit

They said no one could do it –

But, I will!