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As I Travelled, The Day Unravelled


This morning the sun was a blood orange in the sky
I regarded it with many thoughts
As I passed by
And before me were a sheave of heavy grey clouds topped up with rain
And some began shedding their droplets upon the lands below
And there…
A rainbow.

(Wet) Thursday


It is a ‘wet’ Thursday.
There is little more to say.
In fact, as the year is heading to its ‘wet’ end,
Most days of the week
Will require people to seek
The illusory safety
Of a brolly.
How jolly.

Ode to a Soggy (Moist) Monarch


Ode to a soggy (moist) monarch

So, King
How long the reign?
Once you were a high
(And dry)
Then all of a sudden…
Precipitous amounts of children
All rhyming with water
No sun for you
What a rum do
So, King
What is your plan two?
What to try out
To achieve a dry out?
In pain you cry out
“Il fait pleut!”
So, King
Let the bells wring out
To call upon the great plumber in the sky
To show pity on you
May it be so

May I decline to reign?


Unlike April’s sweet showers
May’s, not so sweet (almost sour) rain
Is, well, actually, probably exactly not quite the same.
They both dampened the body,
If not the spirits,
Of a previously ‘dry’ soul.
And, constant, persistent precipitation
Can take its toll upon a droll outlook.

Is this why Trolls live under bridges?