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View From A Bridge (Near Our House)

Spot the pigeon.

Spot the pigeon.

From the bridge I can see the roof of our house
And probably from the roof of our house you can see the bridge
but I will take that as a given.

From the bridge
On I go
But, the day ahead I do not yet know
The start is with me
But, as for the rest
I shall wait to see the show.

Totton Railway Station

Totton - as it says on the sign.

Totton – as it says on the sign.

Totton Railway Station
It is but a little station

“The train arriving at Platform 1 is going East…
Platform 2 if you wish to go West.”

The direction is up to you
To choose
To go
To where
You want to be
Just buy a ticket and be gone
Upon a train travelling stately along the right lines.

So, from the little station
Three stops West of the city
(If you are on the ‘stopping’ train)
You can depart at will
And the world
Is your oyster.