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Nothing like the Present


Me: Let’s play ‘Time Fly Spy’

You: No. I want to stay here in the present.

Me: But, that ‘present’ you speak of is now in the past.

You: It is?

Me: Most surely. As an ‘is’ it is now a ‘was’.

You: Oh! But, I want to stay in the present.

Me: There is only one way for you to stay in the present.

You: There is?

Me: Indeed. Do you see this box?

You: Yes.

Me: It’s yours. I’m giving it you.

You: Thank you. It’s rather large.

Me: Yes. Any smaller and you won’t fit into it.

You: Sorry!

Me: You can live in it.

You: Really?

Me: Yes. Enjoy your present.

You: Gee, thanks!

A Gift (of a Haiku)

One Random Haiku

If you would like a Haiku as a gift, please let us know your genre requirements and we shall endeavour to provide you with a tailor-made Haiku that will satisfy your poetical needs – we do not charge for this service – but a ‘like’ is always appreciated – thank you G & J:)