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The Moon Stayed at Home

The Moon stayed at home, tonight;

we couldn’t see her corporeal light,

the sky was dark

stars didn’t shine,

and everyone went to bed at nine.

“Take me, I’m Yuri’s.”

“Take me, I’m Yuri’s.

“No, take me, I’m Yuri’s!”

“No, take us, I’m Yuri’s, and so is my wife!’

(and on it went, because dreams are made of things like this).

Badriomaku Haiku


can you tell me, what are you?

For I have no clue.

A St. Valentine’s Day Poem

Books are read
Feelings are (or can be) blue;
this poem tails off towards the end.

Out in the weather

I was out in all the weathers the other day, and this is the poem I wrote whilst the rain seeped into my head, and the cold infiltrated my body, blowing the cobwebs away.

My ears are cold,

my body old,

but, my heart is bold.

My limbs no longer tend to fold,

and my grip, on reality, has less of a hold;

my mind has veins

of purest gold;

but my groin… has mould,

which can be fatal,

or so I’m told.

I Am (aka ‘My Bike’)

I am a man

who has a bike;

I like the bike

I have.

I ride my bike

upon the road,

I like to ride

my bike.

The wheels go round

and round and round

and round and round

and round,

until I hit

a wall.

And then I fall,

and break my arm,

I know that I

have come to harm,

(and) my bike is broke

beyond belief,

upon the fate

of my bike

I grieve.

I saw a film

I saw a film last night,

oh, boy!

about a girl

who lived a life

and wrote a book;

and though the book

was rather cool;

she had to work on it –

she very nearly never made it,

almost lost it all.