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Nothing means nothing (from a song that I am working upon).

Nothing means nothing to some people,

And some people mean nothing to me.

A Bee and a Butterfly went to Sea.

A Bee and a Butterfly went to sea

in a dark blue sailing boat;

whilst on the sea,

they drank green tea,

and had no adventures to note.


But, on the way back,

the sky turned black,

the boat capsized and sank.

‘Oh, no!’ you cried, ‘They must have died!

Or what Saviour can we thank?’


However, the Bee and the Butterfly

did not die,

they simply flew away,

to sail again, upon glistening seas,

on some such other day .

There was a B

There was a ‘B’,

an ‘e’

and another ‘e’.

All flying around my head.

It didn’t bother me…


Letters are harmless,

because – here’s the thing –

unlike Bees,

they just don’t sting.

The Cat’ and the Apostrophe

The Cat’ and the Apostrophe

was never going to end well.

Moth Myth

Contrary to myth, a moth never seeks for fame.

Looe Island Haiku

This is Looe Island,

it looks like a schoolboy’s cap,

and the gulls live there.

The ‘R’ Word

Never say the ‘R’ word*

when afloat, or upon a boat,

it might send your hungry mutt overboard;

though, if completely wet,

they can only get drier –

and they will still be adored,

at home, in front of the drying fire.


• = R*b*i*

It must be cool to be a cat

A lazy life,

A lazy life

without a job to do,

coming and going as one pleases;

no clothes to wear,

no worries to share,

and the surprise when one just sneezes;


pottering in the garden,

pottering in the garden,

lounging on the lawn,

tiny Tiger, preys the land

from dusk to early dawn.

Afrom a dream.

From when I was asleep,

a partial dream I keep

about the issues there were

regarding the length of the bridge

that we were building

across the ravine.

I thought it should be longer, stronger;

and the other wanted it to just reach.

I said it would be okay

during the day;

but, when the night fell,

so would the bridge.

I was asked what did I mean:

and I replied, that if the bridge

only just reached this side,

and only just reached the other side,

when night fell and everything contracted

from the length it had reached

when to the Sun it had reacted,

the end on one side,

and the end on the other side

would decide to let go

and fall into the ravine

down to the river below.

I was laughed at;

until, that very night,

I was sadly proven right.

Coffee is an aphrodisiac

“Coffee is an aphrodisiac!”

said a local man named, Doug;

he had a dog,

whose name was ‘Dog’,

and he had a frog,

whose name was frog –

a man of little or no imagination was our Doug;

but, the words he gave out

inspired me to write,

to create a poem of such stature,


well, actually it was a haiku?

and here it is:


it’s a five syllable word

that’s too seldom heard.