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“Hey… Stack!”

“Hey… stack

don’t build it high

or it will topple

and make a me-e-e-ess;

build it

as high as it is wide

then it will stay up

and not fall over

over over over over!!

*Many ‘La la las’ may follow here.

Two Sentence Story

Two-Sentence Story (inspired by this image –

Stieg waited, the bright light of the flaming brand in his raised right hand clearly highlighting the predicament that stood solidly before him.

And all Josh could do was input, ‘Jump up’ time and time again – which action was tiring, and ultimately flawed in its inadequacy.

Blog Cabin / Vlog Cabin / Captain’s Log Cabin



When thoughts have occurred,

play with them,

twist them into shapes,

and reconfigure the letters,

make the first the third,

say what you now have,

and try to make sense

(or recompense)

or keep it different

by adding the term non –

non and sense together

make a sunny day

into stormy weather,

whether you understand it or not.

Mix it up –

and what see you got now have.

Drip, drip, drip.




little April showers;

it’s been drip, drip, dripping

for hours and hours;

and the dogs have been wanting

to go out for a walk

for such a long time—

and so we went out

the moment we thought

the drip, drip, dripping had stopped;

and then we copped a bucket full of water

upon our heads,

and it drip, drip, dripped from our clothes instead:

drip, drip, drip, little April showers…




Vegan Pecan Pie

Vegan Pecan Pie

is never on my menu, –

any idea why?

Saturday Haiku #4

A walk with the dogs,

then *hoovering the bedroom.,

then *hoover the lounge.

*Hoover is the name of a Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Company – I live in a Vacuum not a Hoover. Discuss.

Saturday Haiku #3

So, what is the plan?

Get out of that lazy bed

and paint the town green!

Saturday Haiku #2

It is the weekend!

And that begins Saturday,

and ends… all too soon.

Saturday Haiku #1

Saturday Haiku –

no different at all from…

… any other one.

It is Saturday (a Haiku)

It is Saturday –

and you all know what that means:

Saturday Haiku!