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“Well, National Poetry Day is well under way.” (Re-Hashed)

Well, National Poetry Day

is well under way,

I’ve written a poem,

and bitten a dray…

no, that’s a type of cart,

I didn’t do that, though that’s what I did say.

I must have bitten something else instead;

but, what it was

has gone right out of my head.

Anyway, as I say,

National Puberty Day

is well under way,

and I wrote a poem poem or two,

as I had nothing to say.

You might have seen my words in print,

or perused my back catalogue,

if you had a spare mint;

though I should be most surprised,

if you thought my words worthy,

my poems of mirth,

It took me but minutes

for my poems to birth.

And, so I set them free,

upon an unsuspecting nation;

not too many, nor too few,

but in an exactly calculated ration

(pronounced ray-shun).

They are probably out there somewhere,

buzzing around like bees,

flying through the air

like an airman grates the breeze;

landing on unsuspecting fruit,

and stopping for a while,

making flowers cogitate,

and fauna for to smile.

They might come back

and visit me,

the one who gave them breath,

or they might just fade and turn to dust,

when they find a literal death.

The Lost Haiku

I seek lost Haiku, wherever they try to hide – (they go underground).

I searched all around, but they just couldn’t be found, where have they got to?

Many Haiku lost, disappeared without a trace, as overboard tossed.

I will seek them here, and there, and everywhere – until I find them.

And, once they are found, they shall be kept most secure in a cardboard box.

Random Acts of Poetry #7

And when it comes down

as, in time it must,

that serious poems have to be writ;

it’s quite easy to adorn a frown,

and don the cloak of an Inuit.

For then you would have two hundred words

for snow;

or maybe fifty,

if you are being thrifty;

and, as any fule kno,

the world will never have

enough snow poems.

A butterfly, it was

A butterfly, it was,

and not a leaf;

against my belief,

that it ‘was’ a leaf,

that from off a branch

did fall

to the ground,

where it would be found

by leaf-eating creatures;

but, no, it wasn’t so,

it ‘was’ a butterfly,

that before it reached the very ground

did strike its wings

to soar, and glide

upon the breeze,

and alight once more

on a branch

in the trees.

Random Acts of Poetry #6

There once was a Limerick so funny,

that it sold for a whole lot of money,

to a private collection,

for personal delection,

because that one was particularly punny.

Random Acts of Poetry #5

Add your own style:

make them funny,

to make them laugh,

or make them smile;

or be they very serious,

dark, evil, mysterious;

or just like Wordsworth,

Tennyson, Blake;

just make it your own,

and the plaudits do take.

Random Acts of Poetry #4

If this poetry lark has burst your doublet,

content yourself with a rhyming couplet.

Random Acts of Poetry #3

Having mastered the Haiku,

the Tanka, and the like

You can always move on

to free form free verse,

like this one – but better,

or marginally worse.

Time Travel

Going back in time,

as I often do

within my rhyme,

can be quite tame,

or most sublime.

How far back you go is rather moot,

a long old way,

or a toot-de-toot;

it matters not where you repast,

as long as you breakfast

in the past.

Random Acts of Poetry #2

Write simple Haiku:

they are easy to construct

and can be quite fun.


If you have made one,

and still feel hungry for more

then write another.


If you would progress

from Haiku to something more,

why not try Tanka.

Tankas have two extra lines

(you can write longer poems).