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I resent you.

Or was it that you were re-sent?

It was a long time ago –

not that recent.

I meant to say

that there’s no way

I will ever resent you,

now that, once again,

you have come my way.


Less or Fewer?

Not that I counted them. G:)

Four and twenty dickie birds

perched on a church.


Some flew away

and then there were less…


not as many…


PS The usage of ‘Less’ and ‘Fewer’ is something to have a look at. If you spend 10 minutes observing the ways that they are used, it may help you to use the correct one in the future – making fewer mistakes, or making mistakes less often.


#3 Tanka (Haibun) for LPG (Liskeard Poetry Group)

Tomorrow is here;

well, yesterday’s tomorrow,

Which is now today.

Shall this be the day I write

my definitive Tanka?

Well, obviously not. I would think (well, I would, wouldn’t I) that I shall procrastinate over the writing of a proper Tanka for Liskeard Poetry Group’s next meeting for a good while yet.

And, mixing things up, I am doing a Tanka / Haibun today.

A Haibun? Not an elevated bread stuff; no that it is not.

A Haibun is a Haiku followed by prose. The two can be related (as mine are today) or they can be totally separate in their themes.

I have slightly adjusted things by using the first three lines golf my Tanka as the Haiku for the Haibun – needs must.

This is day three (3) of my quest to write lots of Tanka (Tankas?) before the meeting next month (September the somethingth).

I know that a true Tanka writer would sweat and anguish over just one Tanka in that time; but I have never been that sort of poet. Write ’em quick and on with the next!

This may not mean that I write throwaway words – but, it may look like that for most of the time.

But, every so often I do manage something of worth – honest!

Anyways, as I write under the dreary angst-ridden skies of Cornwall, I thought that these words would clarify what has gone before and what is yet to…



I am nothing if not punctilious –

therefore, I am nothing.

and ‘nothing will come from nothing.’

As King Lear said.

Which William Shakespeare wrote.

That I wrote,

and you have just read.

Tankard Tanka

The Tankard Tanka

Half full? Half empty?

Depends on how you’re looking –

at least there is some.

Depending on what it is –

and what must do with it.

Tanka #2 for LPG (Liskeard Poetry Group)

I know, now’s the time,

get the thing out of the way,

then rest for a while.

But, I could do it later;

tomorrow, maybe… maybe.

A Drabble – 100 Words with no repetition!

A Drabble!

One hundred words.

Without repetition!

How on Earth am I going to do that?

It’s impossible.

Can’t be done.

Nobody in their right mind would even try such an enterprise.

Mankind, myself included, is not ready for such strange writing formats.

What about crafting my words alphabetically using every letter of the alphabet four times? Missing zeds, obviously.

No, wouldn’t work – far too silly.

Perhaps, by seeking inspiration through prosaic research articles, productivity has potential.

Sadly, someone’s library ticket has recently expired.

Subsequent foraging readily confirms text books tell tall tales – destiny recommends: try again tomorrow.

Weather permitting.