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I didn’t write a poem, yesterday.

I didn’t write a poem, yesterday.

I didn’t write a poem, yesterday;

well, I did; but, it wasn’t very good,

the muse misfired,

and the poem wasn’t as good

as I’d desired.

I have written one today,

about not having written one yesterday –

even though I actually did.

The Doctor’s Reply

The Doctor’s Reply

It just isn’t true

that doctors dislike poems –

they just hate poets.

A Haiku a Day

A Haiku a Day

A haiku a day

helps keep the doctor away –

doctors hate poems.

‘Remembering Things’ – a poem.

‘Remembering Things’ – a poem.

Remembering things;

watches, and strings

on ancient guitars;

places I’ve been,

bands that I’ve seen,

the purchase of dodgy old cars;

people I’ve known,

styles I’ve outgrown,

that time that I landed on Mars;

the toys that I’ve had,

hols with Mum and Dad;

collecting bugs in jam jars.

My Monosyllabic Haiku

My Monosyllabic Haiku


Monosyllabic Haiku

are not my forte.

Sunday Morning 3AM

Sunday Morning 3AM

Sunday Morning, 3am,

it is;

not ‘Wednesday’

I know,

I’ve checked;

I’ve checked my calendar,

checked my watch,

checked my bottle

of twelve-year Scotch –

half empty!

or maybe half full, to you,

depending on your point of view.

Acrostic Haiku

Acrostic Haiku

Haikus do not work,

Acrostically speaking,

In terms of their length.