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“What do ‘you’ do when your moose goes on strike?”

The Poetic Moose

The Poetic Moose

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What do ‘you’ do when your moose goes on strike?
Do you bathe in past glories;
Go out for a hike?
Catch up on your reading;
Pay off all the bills?
Polish the furniture;
Mantles ‘and’ sills?’
Alphabetise your CDs;
Or chronologise them in years?
Phone up all your friends;
Invite them for beers?
Catch up on your sleep;
Those four million winks?
Or phone up some ‘other’ friends;
Invite ‘them’ for drinks?
Or tune up your harp;
Rehearse all your tunes?
Go off to the beach,
And lay amongst the dunes?

What do ‘you’ do
When your muse goes on strike?

I do this.