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Theatre of Ops



In my Theatre of Operations
I have no qualms
Whatever a qualm is;
I also have
In addition
A slanted view of reality
Unlike some
Whose only deviation
From the norm
Is their predilection
To predict prurient peccadilloes.
However, that is just my wordplay
And not their concern.
For, as the sun of life rises
Over the planet of living beings,
Let there be light-heartedness,
Frivolity and a general air of levity with a side order of giggles and a
Mirth of merriment to follow.

NB a fine glass of bubbly personalitié will wash it all down a treat

Walkus 98-103 (Tennyson, Walks & Rover) by Vega & Haiku

haiku-poetry walkus 98-103

Walku 98 (Tennyson)

“Water to the left…”
“Water to the right…”
“Into the puddles!”


Walku 99 (A Walk in the Woods)

“Along forest paths
Through the winding woods we go…”
“Daddy will guide us.”


Walku 100 (Rover!)

“What’s ‘Roverandom?’ ”
“It is a book by Tolkein.
It’s about a dog.”

Walku 101 (and Rover again!)
“What does this dog do?”
“He has lots of adventures
And goes to the moon.”

Walku 102 (Rover and Out!)
“Is he big and brave?”
“No, pint-size; he is tiny –
Smaller than you are!”

Walku 103 (And Really Out)

“It’s not ‘quantity’
It’s the quality that counts –
And it’s there ‘I’ win!”.


Haiku today is going on her first solo Walkus - 4 penned with a wistful feel to them.

#puppy # puppies

15 (Yet More) Variously Random Haiku (31-45)

haiku-poetry edit 3

Advertising Random Haiku 15-30

So many requests

About my haiku – but, hey!

I’m publishing more!


Jog Haiku

A Jog is the thing

To get my old heart pumping

But, I’m no dummy.


Work Haiku

Have to rise early

Then work all God’s longest hours

To earn but a crust!


Poem 6 for National Poetry Day (5th Haiku)

“So busy writing

That I don’t read all your posts;

I apologise.”


One random haiku?

Short and sweet – and just for you!

Did you expect more?

Haikus for sale here –

Get them while they are still hot –

Or you may miss out!

Haiku are ‘today’ –

Limericks are ‘yesterday’ –

Sonnets ‘tomorrow!’

This is a haiku –

And these are also haiku –

A lot of haiku!
This is a haiku –

And there are also Haiku

A lot of haiku!


I do write a lot

And a lot of that is rot

But these are not – quite!


Prompt (about Christopher Columbus) 

Fourteen ninety two

He sailed o’er the ocean blue

(With Amerigo).


(prompt – what I saw when I woke up today)

Another day ahead;

My lady to get to work;

And haikus to write!


Prompt (shock) 

She ‘did’ wave at me;

I was not expecting it –

Sort of a shock-wave!


Prompt (fall)

I sheltered this fall

From the leaves falling from trees-

A leafy fall-out.


Sep 28: 25

Sleep will not visit

It shall not stay a short while

Never mind a long!


Lilting Limericks for September 23rd, 2014



The ‘Word of the Day’ it is… ‘Fidictious

A word I made up just like ‘Prediciamous’

It’s top of my list

Though it does not exist

As a present that I would like for Chrisiamious!


Limerick Inspired by So’ton (Southampton) Wrimos

There once were some writers from So’ton

Who were writing of lands long forgotten

Space ships in flight

Murder with spite

Or the best way to hurry the plot on.


A Limerick was once dedicated
To a man who limericks hated
But, even he had to laugh
About the telescopic giraffe
Who says that poetry is over-rated?

And now, I suppose, I will have to create a Limerick about a telescopic giraffe!  Wish me luck as you wave me… etc.

There once was a lonely giraffe
Who was sad, just refusing to laugh
But, his sight once myopic
Became telescopic
And he could see for a mile and a half.

Maybe… could be better.

There was a giraffe who was lonely
He looked for his one true and only
But, a keeper, Philanthropic,
Made ‘her’ neck telescopic;
And they lived together, quite homely.

Not the best end rhyme for line 5…

A giraffe with a telescopic neck
Said “The ups and downs make me a wreck!”
The keepers deducted
A neck-brace, which they constructed,
Would keep all that bobbing in check.

Not 100% happy yet, sorry!

A giraffe at the zoo had a plight
Something in his neck wasn’t right
It was the main topic-
A neck, telescopic!
It certainly gave the small children a fright!


A Limerick walked into a Septembar!


Graeme’s Ukulele song No.1 Limerick

Over the hills and far away

My busking love and I did play

We strummed from Spring until the end of Fall

Still came away with… bugger all!

(Oh,  my gosh, the language, I hear you say!!)


A Gentleman who hailed from Prestatyn

Caught a taxi – to put his new hat in

He followed behind

(He only had half a mind)

With a pet-carrier that he had his cat in!


One day, on the banks of the Seine

A French man become quite insane

He balanced some frogs

Upon two passing dogs

Then fell into the river – quite mad!


Apprehension of Limey Rick imminent

I now have a pressing engagement

To put words on the page of this vagrant

Before he gets home

And finds I’ve writ this tome

And turfs me out onto the pavement



Limey Rick

Landlubbing Limericks for ‘Pirates talking like us’ day (19th September)

Jolly Roger


A pirate walked into a bar

He spoke to the barkeep saying “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Arrrrr… arrrrrr arr…

Arrrr… arrrrr arrr…

Until the barkeep threw him out on his arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse!

That pirate tried again for a drink

Which diction to use – he did think

Shall I say ‘Please’

Or just chop off his knees

Or throw the barkeep into the sea and watch him sink.

(not that I’m typecasting pirates – but, that is really how they ‘do’ think – apart from the ‘please’ bit, obviously)


A Limerick bumped into a pirate

Was taken by force to his boat

Didn’t make the crew laugh

With his poem about a giraffe

So they checked to see if the Limerick would float.


The word of the day is ‘tumescent’

If frothy, you could say effervescent

But if it explodes

Bang go your nodes

And you’ll wonder where your family crest went.


A walk in the woods can be fun
As can a walk in the sun
But if it pours
We become bores
And grumble and groan – until the weather is done!
A Friday? In September? Do you say?
Will you be doing those ‘Limericks’ again today?
I wish that you wouldn’t
It’s wrong; you just shouldn’t
But, you’re going to do them anyway – aren’t you?
A Limerick in French is no fun
And you lose the sense of the pun
So, if, now, today
I look like writing one ‘that’ way…
Please say ‘Non!’
A Limerick walked into a poetry convention…
Which gave the other poetic forms a new conception
They thought:
‘Short is sweet’
With such minimal feet
And humour adds such a dimension!
Then they… went back…to the way… that they… were… be-fore…and no… thing… chang-ed… at all…………..
Too hot or too cold
Water’s likely to scold
It tells you off, by and by
So tepid is best
For your skin is caressed
And then make sure that you dry.
The ‘Bonus word of the Day’ it is… INFLATABLE

How much to blow up its importance: debatable

Too much, and it’s trouble,

Pressure bursts your bubble

Not enough, and it’s barely aeratable.


#SeptemberLimericks #Limericks @infograe

A Poem from Scratch – here goes…


I start to write and have to stutter,

What am I doing? to myself, I mutter.

A poem from scratch

without pre-planning?

And not worrying too much about the punctuation… the scanning;

Although I shall attempt to spell things right

Minor alterations as well I might

and any idea of a structure is lost

You’ll have to take it as it comes – I’ll count the cost.

For, if you make it to the end – or…

even this far; I’ll consider you brave, a hero, a star;

And maybe you’ll be inspired to pen something similar

Using your stream of consciousness

I halt. What rhymes with similar? Scimitar? Himler? No.

That was not a wise word to use – it caused a wheel to fall off

of this poetic vehicle – I clear throat, I cough, vernacular? Spectacular?

Similar has put a spoke in my wheels, a wall in my path,

And my silence reveals that I have no idea what to use as a rhyme…

I cannot Google a Rhyming Dictionary – no, not this time.

Similar is as similar does – but has it a rhyme, I don’t know

What rhymes with similar – I am waiting to show you, but…

Whilst I am typing, my mind cannot think, I’m cracking no nut

Of this crazy conundrum. A to Z I’ll scan through the letters

To see if that rhyme arises at all, or am I ensconced in poetry’s fetters?

Similarly, I have been here before with different words, that caused me uproar;

I cannot remember which words they were, but there are a few of them out there

Poets with me concur. Similar a b c dissimilar (no!) e familiar! will that do It’s a pretty good rhyme

I’ll not look for two. So similar is familiar and the rhyme it is true. I just need a lay down so it’s goodbye from me

and hello to you!

The end G:)

Inspirational Haiku 1

Inspirational Haiku 1

“I may not be best;

Better than all of the rest –

But, at least I try.”



Loquacious Limericks for 17th September, 2014

Loquacious LimerickS

The ‘Word of the Day’ it is… ‘Bathing!’
‘Too long in the bath!’ they cry – somewhat scathing.
But if your bath is too short
They think you’ve washed naught
Just a flick behind ears – your flannel not drowning, just waving!


There is a man in Birmingham
His name is Stan and he loves jam
Honey, crisps,
Money, lisps;
But his treasure is an old can of Spam!


The ‘Fruit of the Day’ is an ‘Orange!’
With which nothing is rhyming at all
So perhaps I’ll use ‘Apple’
For my fruit rhyme to grapple
And hope you don’t notice my gall


Once, many long years ago,

On a Tuesday, it started to snow;

The dinosaurs failed

Last breaths they exhaled

But, some say that that wasn’t so.


There was a young man from Milan

Who wrote a terse note to a man

He said, “Signore, tu menti!

Hai un IQ di venti!”

I guess he’s not my numero uno fan!


Where there is a Limerick

There is also a sigh or a groan

It’s best to leave a Limerick alone

But, if you ‘do’ read

Of that lady from Berwick-upon-Tweed

It will be hard to stifle a moan.


The last Limerick laughs longest – Discuss


A scientist once had a lab;

He took it for walks –

It was a Labrador.


I wondered lonely about a Limerick,

As a poet must often do;

I wrote the first,

And then one more –

My count was up to two.

A third appeared

and then a forth

My muse was overflowing;

But I’d written all the darn things wrong

So I won’t be them here showing!


To err is said to be human

As oft did people say

I don’t know about all these old words

I talk like it’s today – innit!


A haiku written in haste

Is often done in bad taste

Too many a word

Has often occurred

With more syllables than should be there placed.


#SeptemberLimericks. #Limericks, #hangerfarmpoets, #infograe, @infograe, @PoemMeGroup

Beastiku (Postcard 4) – Make a Wish!

Beastiku Postcard 4

“In the bowels of Hell

There is a wishing well’

It is thought ironic!”

Beastiku Logo 3