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Em is as Em does – yes, I know I’m being the ‘P’ word, again!


I am very nearly empathetic
Just lacking the ’em’ –
Which is probably one of those
‘short words’ in Scrabble.
I tend to dribble and drool
And my speech is mere babble
On I go, never pausing for thought
Saying much more than a thinking man ought
to think
I’ll turn to drink
And coffee’s my tipple of choice
It fires up my brain and ‘estranges’ my voice
(Strange being the operative part of that word)
Until I am not quite the man I thought I was (too much thinking going on here)
Which is not really an answer
Just an ex-clam on the sea-bed of the nation.
Did I mention coffee making my thought-processes strange?
I did?
Yup, I did!