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Stationary Stationery


The Stationary Cupboard
Was exactly where I had left it;
I know;
I entered the stationary room,
And there it was;
Standing still,
Stationery within it
And I added more
It never moved
It never flinched
Not a single inch.
Stationary stationery
Stock supplied;
I said: “Sayonara!”

One Day, at the Office.


Planning Meeting for the Planning Meeting.

1st Executive: Good management!

2nd Executive: Good management!

1st Exec: And how are you this fine meeting?

2nd Exec: Can’t complain; too much paperwork to fill out for that!

1st Exec: And Health and Safety always on the look out for paper-cuts.

2nd Exec: Too true.

1st Exec: Yourself?

2nd Exec: A thirteen percent increase in negotiable wages this month; one percent reduction in the waistline and options on an upgrade to the Executive Washroom is in the offing.

1st Exec: Marvellous! Seems like the Market is trading well all around!

2nd Exec: Well, you know what they say…

1st Exec: Exactly.

2nd Exec: Spot on.

1st Exec: Business Lunch today?

2nd Exec: Rain-Check that; planning meeting to organise a planning meeting.

1st Exec: Fair enough – catch you on the flip-side.

2nd Exec: Toodle-pip!