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Ode to the Letter Ewe

Wish Ewe Were Here!

Wish Ewe Were Here!

Ode to the Letter Ewe

I owe you, Ewe
For all the sheepish looks;
For being able to count on Ewe;
And for Ewe not pulling the wool over my eyes.
I should make this a Ewelogy to Ewe
And not lambast Ewe
As I ram wont to do.
But, I won’t mint sauce my words
I shall put my poetry helmutt on
And opine upon the ovine in Ewe!

So, I say to you, Ewe,
“Your words have helped me rhyme
Time upon time
Ewe have flocked to my aid
When I needed a sheep pen
To write with
And an inkwell to sheep dip
That pen into.
I owe Ewe.

Thank Ewe.

Ode to My Old Area Telephone Code

Old Telephone (in case you are unsure)

Old Telephone (in case you are unsure)

Ode to my old Area Telephone Code

One seven oh three
When did you leave me?

You were here
For many a year
And now you’ve been gone
For many more

One seven oh three
Your replacement seems much less
Though its numbers number more
Two three eight

Southampton Code
Why did you have to go?

Ode to an Ode


Oh, Ode
How much is owed
By me to you
In debt I am, to the tune of…
Ode to Joy by Schiller
Who wrote the poem
And Beethoven owed
The music to that poem

Oh, Ode
If I should die, Ode
Before I can repay what is owed
To you
May I implode
From a man a la mode
To a lowly, ugly toad
Oh, Ode
I pray
That I pay back
Before I explode
One day
Upon the open road
Oh, Ode, hear me
If I should still be in your debt
When my body begins to corrode.

Ode to a CD



Ode to a CD

Oh CD!
Which alphabetically
Should be C, D, Oh!
Anyway, compact are you?
And discoid in shape?
With a hole at your centre?
And always the same?
I think that you are
A shining example of

Ode to an Ohm (which you can get to by following the path of least resistance)



Ode to an Ohm

Is that where the art is?
Where you keep house…
And the cart?

Is that where you live
Where the postman who
Wears his hat
To the surprise of Rosie
Your cat
Is that where it’s at?

Do you leave it
To earn and learn
And believe it
Will be waiting there
At the window
For your return?

Where you can be safe from the world
With your word
And thoughts

Upon which you can write an ode
In a sensitive code
With a spark from your creative electrode
You stumble there
Fumble for the key of front door
And let yourself in
To wine down
And shed the crown
Of Queen-I-Can-Do-It-All
For a while
Until the next hard graft
Removes you from

Removes that smile
And causes much woe;
You can go…


Ode to a Soggy (Moist) Monarch


Ode to a soggy (moist) monarch

So, King
How long the reign?
Once you were a high
(And dry)
Then all of a sudden…
Precipitous amounts of children
All rhyming with water
No sun for you
What a rum do
So, King
What is your plan two?
What to try out
To achieve a dry out?
In pain you cry out
“Il fait pleut!”
So, King
Let the bells wring out
To call upon the great plumber in the sky
To show pity on you
May it be so

Ode to the letter K


Ode to the letter K

Oh, K…
Let’s not beat around the bush
Let’s get on with this
No messing,
No swearing,
No violence or gratuitous nudity
Oh, K…
Let’s start
Let’s begin
Let’s dance
Because you think this is becoming pants?
Oh, shall I stop wearing them then?

Ode upon finding my plastic spoon inside my cereal / yoghurt / fruit combination pot

ode yogspoon

There you are,  my saving grace;
Now my food unto my face
With your help, will find its way
I thank you for your help today.

My yoghurt sweet, and grains to suit
Or granola topping, maybe fruit;
All will be in safe hands now
So. soon, to spoon, to mouth, and ‘Wow!’ 

Ode to Vienna



Ode to Vienna (inspired by Jane Goldsack and Midge Ure – but, not necessarily in that order)

Oh, Vienna…
The one in Austria;
Not the one in Fairfax County, Virginia, USofA…
Yeah, that one.
Oh, Vienna
It means nothing to me.
Unless, that is,
I gave it a whirl
Or went blind,

Ode to a thingy-wotsit-doodah

Ode to a thing… a wotsit… a doodah… oh, you know!

You are… something
To me…
In, oh, so many ways
Though I can’t shed any light on how…
Or give any details…
(Or count the days…)
But, know that I always… ah… um…
Something something your thingy.
Which, please be assured is… nice.
And I have only praise for that thing you do… You know… That thing…
With the meringue on top…
Yeah, that.
So, please take this as a sign of my affliction towards you.

Oops! I meant ‘affection!’
Too late now, I’ve said it.