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Pope Sixtus V (1521-90)


Pope Sixtus the Fifth

Pope Sixtus the Fifth went Forth one day
I think that it could have occurred on the third of May
I don’t think that he reckoned for a second
That he would have to travel so far to quench his thirst
Or, maybe he did; but, not at first.
When he died
He was followed by Pope Urban the Seventh
As he himself had followed Pope Gregory the Eighth.

So, a series of ordinals from a series of cardinals.

Hope that this was of some use to you peeps
Just had a first line
And you know the ropes
A first line has to be used (it’s not a thing that keeps)
So, I used it, and wrote this post about some well-ancient popes.

Ode to My Old Area Telephone Code

Old Telephone (in case you are unsure)

Old Telephone (in case you are unsure)

Ode to my old Area Telephone Code

One seven oh three
When did you leave me?

You were here
For many a year
And now you’ve been gone
For many more

One seven oh three
Your replacement seems much less
Though its numbers number more
Two three eight

Southampton Code
Why did you have to go?