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#NaPoWriMo – Today, I Write…

As I yawn
I set out to write
My wrongs!
… or a poem.
Which will be easier?
I know.
So, into poet mode I go

I put my Poet’s Hat on
(And with poet’s style and grace)
I flounder about for a decent rhyme –
I’m all over the place –
With which to fill this space
I feel like I am in stace-
But, luckily, I am not;
So, pluckily, I continue on
Upon my quest
To pen my best
Words and punctuation
Just for your delectation.

Which will inevitably lead to one of us being disappointed by the randomness in my verse, what with these long lines suddenly appearing, fearing no-one, and spearing the fragile intangible balloon of creative inspiration, or worse.

That is to say
I write this way,
Yes, today!
And that will probably be
The most
Can expect from a poet

April Haikus (Day 20) – #NaPOWriMo – Missing in Acton!


So, I’ve been missing.
Not that anyone noticed;
Or called the police.

I must here admit
That it had been getting bad;
All that stuff for ‘Her.’

She, who shall remain
(In my heart, she’s an angel)
An ache in my head.

I was hiding out
Where nobody could find me;
Until I found peace.

Which I never did;
As it was too noisy there,
At the train station;

In the library
(They shouted for me to leave)
Down there at the docks;

And all those places
Where only the lonely go;
Skegness – only joking!

Well, I thought quite hard;
About what I want from life;
And how to get it.

Then I played pin-ball
On the pier, if it had one,
Until my leg fell off.

I hopped that would help.
Actually, that’s a lie;
About the leg thing.

I still have the two;
Although one’s a bit shorter;
One a bit longer.

Which is not helping;
As if anything will help
To end my worries.

I met a waitress;
Working in a cocktail bar;
She didn’t want me.

They say laughter helps;
But, does it really help me;
When I am laughed at?

Are you answering?
Some good advice will help me;
Or some bad advice!

Anything at all?
Is there anybody out there?

So, I’m on my own.

Which is quite okay;
It’s familiarity,
Getting used to it.

How are you doing?
In Joey’s voice – him from ‘Friends’
You know – the sit-com.

No, I really care;
It’s not at all about me;
It is more than that.

Which is much better;
Thinking of others, I mean;
And not just myself.

Not a Haiku!


Not-a-haiku (5-5-9)

You can’t understand
The prospect of land
When you’ve been all at sea for so long.

I could lend a hand
With projects you planned
If, one day, your life-raft reaches me.

As time you have spanned
Made your body so tanned
And, you, a stranger in your outlook.

And when you are scanned
In constant demand
Will you still be the same as you were?

Or will you just fade
In the leafy glade
Where all the branch-falls end as worm-food

When all is said, done;
Is victory won;
Or is just participation all?


Five, five, nine your syllables, with nineteen lines, this being the last one of them.

In My Diary… #NaPoWriMo


Made an appointment
With disappointment
On the 18th
Having done so
Don’t expect to be disappointed.

And, when the anointed hour comes along
To be
Unless the rules are
An exception to them.

Don’t expe-
… envisage!

Realised that
When in


Already planned another meeting
Fleeting though it will be;
And as the meeting and the subsequent, overlapping meeting
Cannot both
Have had to postpone
My meeting with disappointment!

How disappointing!

Upon ‘Haiku’ and ‘Seventeen’


Upon ‘Seventeen’ and ‘Haikus’

Seventeen words are never enough;
I would need at least a hundred;
Maybe then It would work.

Seventeen words do not make a Haiku
Unless I am mono-syllabic;
Which I am not.

Seventeen syllables
Don’t fit easily into my poetry…

To be or not to
be. That is the question, yes?
Or just use a pen!

Add the syllables –
Five and seven and five more;
That makes seventeen!

Poetry is cool;
To make it even cooler –
Put it in your fridge.

Bonus Haiku

‘Beep beep boop’ it says
And I await its stopping;
But, it just never ends.

Sixteen is…


Four times four
Four square
Four by four
Is an all-terrain motor vehicle

Sweet little…
What do you get?
Another day older
Deeper in debt

Ten and six…
The Mad-Hatter’s hat price-tag
It’s not about the money, the kerching
Or the base.

Or a dormant dormouse

It’s XVI in Roman numerals
10000 in binary
Dress it up in all its finery
It’s just a number
Between fifteen and seventeen
Between negative infinity
And positive infinity
It’s just a number
That is all.

Though it may be more than that to you

Wednesday the Yeti!


Wednesday the fifteenth

When yetis defend a theft

They can often feel left
Out of the loop, bereft
Of civilised conversation,
The warp and weft
Of life.

But, they do have nimble fingers,
Very deft
At intricacies,
Which is fine,
And so
I believe that
They should receive
A fine
A hefty fine.

Fourteen is a number – discuss – #NaPoWriMo

Fourteen is a number
A number of people have already noticed this
Noticed this and mentioned it like I did
I did so, to be just like them
Just like them, in that way, that not only does it becomes apparent
It becomes apparent when you mention it

I do, now, mention it, because a number of people noticed this, I did; and, like as for them, it becomes apparent when you mention it that fourteen is a number.

April Haikus (Days 9-12)


Suddenly, nine men,
each one taller than the last,
Entered my story;

Stole my ‘To-do’ list
And galloped into the night…
Or, the dog ate it.

‘Twas a right to-do!
List. Or you might miss something;
See what I did there?

However it was,
I will now re-think… again;
After a cuppa.

What do I do now?
Which is not rhetorical;
Please, can you tell me?

‘Get my finger out!’
‘Man up!’ ‘Go back to basics.’
Oh! I like that one.

I shall woo my love;
I think she’d love to be wooed;
I’ll send her roses…

Poetry (or not);
She didn’t like my rhyming,
And who can blame her?

Is one rose enough?
Or will she want more than that?
I really don’t know.

Ten Roses! That’s it!
And I hope she will like them;
They will cheer her up.

Not that she is sad;
I heard she’s been partying;
Out with all her mates.

Well,I have mates, too;
I will give them a phone call;
We’ll go partying.

That will show her what!
Actually, no one’s in;
Or, not answering

Or changed their numbers;
Or, they’re no longer known there;
I have got ‘no’ friends.

Roses need Water!
They look a bit deflated;
I’ll pour loads on them.

Not from the kettle!
Oh, what on earth am I like?
They have had it now!

Forget the flowers;
I shall organise a trip;
Take her somewhere nice.

Oops! Bank balance low;
I shall have to borrow some;
A loan from father.

I tried to explain;
I would pay back both amounts,
Plus interest. Damn!

Eleven whole days!
Will she still remember me;
What are my chances?

Shall I give up now?
Or is there the slimmest chance
That I can succeed?

So many questions!
And not that many answers;

No! I shall be firm;
And not wobbly like jelly-
I do like jelly.

I’ll cook her a meal;
With a starter and ender;
If that word exists.

What to make for her;
I could buy in a few things;
Or make it from scratch.

It may involve toast;
And beans, or cheese topping;
I know I like those.

But, her tastes are more;
She would expect a table cloth…
And some cutlery.

I will have to think;
Which is making my brain hurt;
And my wallet itch.

Ready meal for two;
But, Indian or Chinese;

Forgot about that;
So, just vegetables then;
Raw! That sounds like fun.

Twelve different ones;
If I can find that many;
And afford to buy them.

A meal fit for a…
Rabbit! What am I thinking?
‘She’ will be happy;

But, what about me?
A man needs his meat to live;
He cannot eat hay!

Perhaps some tofu;
Or Qwarn… Corn… Korma… that stuff
Salad-eaters eat!

I’ll pop to Lidls;
(Others are available)
And purchase their stock.

It’s gone 8 o’clock!
And the Lidl shop is shut;
– Getting in a rut!

Nothing in the fridge;
And ‘my’ hunger is quite ripe;
Starved of food, ‘and love!

Cupboards full of dross;
Old tapioca and some beans;
Gravy browning! Yeuch!

Hold on! What’s this tin?
Where is my can-opener?
It’s worth a gamble.

No label, but hey!
And hopefully it’s not beans!
Beans! It’s just my luck.

Bread? Not a muffin;
In fact, there is so nothing!
I am gonna starve!

Oh, dear, almost forgot;
‘She’ is to be wined and dined;
What on earth to do?

April Haikus (Days 6-8) #NaPoWriMo


So, yacht ‘not’ to be;
I haven’t enough money,
Will a toy one do?

No, obviously;
I am too much a cheapskate;
And you deserve pearls.

So, now six days in;
This quest is a Holy Grail
Type quest – that’s a fact.

And I am certain;
(Not Sir Lancelot, a shame)
That I need a plan.

So, a ‘To-Do’ list;
At the top of which I write:
‘She is important!’

Which is just saying;
Not actually helpful,
But a starting point.

On the seventh day
I reassessed my big plan;
Start a ‘To-Do’ list.

So I thought a while…
A short list would be better
Than a longer one

And write it quite large
Upon A4 paper… yes…
That would be the thing…

Just need to find some;
And find some I did, hurrah!
Now, where is my pen?

I search high and low;
But, find my pen at chest height;
In my breast pocket.

Sadly it lacks ink;
So, off to the pen drawer
To see the pen dragon!

After many quests
I have a ‘writing words’ pen;
And so I do start.

Well, in a minute;
Procrastinator- that’s me
If I could find time.

Okay; number 1:
‘Remember to look at list;’
Which is important.

Number 2 is next:
Act upon the items in list;
And cross off when done.

What next? Number… 3;
Had to check back then to see;
Almost put down 4.

So, next… number 5;
Followed by 6, 7, 8;
This is quite easy.

And to finish off;
9 and 10; there! It’s all done;
10 things on my list.

I’ll see what is first;
‘Yup! Just done that. Number 2;
And I’m doing that!

So, crossed off those;
On to item 3; Okay!
4 to 10 – all done!