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In the Shopping Mall (USA) In the Hardware Store (UK)


The Scene: One afternoon in town, a transaction is taking place…

Shopkeeper: So, you want 1 small step?
Neil: For Man!’
Shopkeeper: 1 small step for ‘Man.’
Neil: Yes.
Shopkeeper: …and how many ‘Giant Leaps’ was it?
Neil: Just the one.
Shopkeeper: Also for ‘Man?’
Neil: No; for ‘Mankind.’
Shopkeeper: ‘Mankind!’ Are you sure 1 is going to be enough?
Neil: It will be plenty.
Shopkeeper: Actually, we’ve got an offer on; buy one get one half price!
Neil: Mmm; tempting…

Editor: Well, it could have happened.

“Everybody sing along…!”


Everybody: (Singing)

Everybody’s going to the moon

And they going there very soon
But everybody better take care
Because there aren’t enough toilets up there!
The end