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Monday Morning Platform Poem #2


Monday Morning Platform Poem #2

Later today
After catching a mouse
(Not a crab)
So, shorter time
To write my rhyme
The train is due quite soon
I will have to be brief
For time is a thief
And I have little with which to dwell upon.

The sky, still grey,
Heralds a day
Full of derring-do;
Of what is to come
I am dumb
The future is orangey-blue.
So with left but a second
This is not what I reckoned
“Hasty, lacks content!”
You might say.
But, what is, has to be
As I said near the start
The train’s coming for me
It is here now
So, alas, I depart.

Bon Voyage!

Monday Morning Platform Poetry #2


Monday Morning Platform Poetry #2

The ticket machine is having a bad morning
A vacant expression upon its face
It is moaning quietly to itself in the corner
Considering getting out of this place.

But, though it has all the tickets
To all the destinations,
It’s roots are here
And it’s going to stick around
A while longer;
It doesn’t really have a say.

And, as a procession of commuter types approach in hopes
And turn in resignation,
The ticket machine continues to moan quietly
Not issuing, but frowning
Dwelling upon the career path chosen for it
By those who have the third rail power

M.O.N.D.A.Y. (acrostically speaking)

As it becomes

’twas on a Monday Morning.


A train delayed
A vehicle stolen
A plan that needs a rewrite
These are the things
That Monday mornings are made of.

The week ahead,
Lies told, like bells
At once cold
And burning like the seven hells

Of some forgotten text
Laying in stupor
In a cardboard box
Whose only identifier
Is: ‘c’est non fragile’
Which clearly nods
To my humorous youth
When days were long
And Dandelion and Burdock
Came as a shock
When Cola was my expected tipple
Of choice.