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The Reciprocating Love Song

We invite you to please have a listen to our (Jane Goldsack of ‘Jane’s Musing’ and me) latest song in a demo form – we had fun ‘writing’ it! – enjoy!

And if you’d like us to listen to your songs – we will be only too pleased to reciprocate!!

The Colours – a work in progress – please comment ( I will reciprocate) G;)

Black is the shadow of my night
Blue is the colour of my sadness
And as the colour of virginity is white
On my page it is the monument to my Madness
And also to my flag of surrender
Red I forgo, and thus is my danger
Yellow for my cowardice shows
Grey is the dawn and the sunset
And purple is maybe a colour for my prose
Green is the shade of my envy
Pink is… just for the girliest of girls
Orange will not rhyme for me – it rhymes with… nobody
Unless written in Mandarin’s curls.

The colours of my life are all different now.
I’ve lived a long time and they’ve changed somehow;
White and Purple,
Pink and Green,
Think about what ‘could have been!’