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Because ‘I’ am a poetry Pro

Tardy Poet

I've got a poem to write
I should do it now
Perhaps I'll do it later
But I will do it
Because, 'I' am a poetry pro

But, first I must
Finish this rhyme from yesterday
In time for...
...last week's poetry slam,!
Oh! Damn! 
I will have to read it at the next one
It will be fine 
nobody will know that I missed the 
Dead line.
Because, 'I' am a poetry pro

It's what I do
Eventually, in the future, 
if you are lucky,
and very patient with me
'I' will write a poem for you
If you're not in a rush.
I just need to find a rhyme for
'Cunctator!' first
No 'I' don't think it's rude - 
It's just a word - not at all crude - 
It' means: someone who doesn't...'
And I know that, because...
'I' am a poetry pro


What is that you say?

You think that I should just...


I shall take on board that excellent advice from you
Because, not only am 'I' a poetry pro
I also know

That 'I' am a poetry pro-