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Upon the naming of the band (it is important to get that right; otherwise there may be troubles ahead)

A garage band - but, not 'the' garage band in question.

A garage band – but, not ‘the’ garage band in question.

The band are looking for a new name. They have tried several monikers and none of them seemed to identify with the style of the band – not that a ‘style’ was easily identifiable with the band either. They spent three days as ‘Toe-Jam’ and decided that was just gross; half-an-hour as ‘Four Blonde Nuns’ until they found out there already was a band locally called that. They thought of using their initials (like ABBA) and when Andy, Barry, Bill and Aidy tried they decided that maybe that idea wouldn’t work for them.
At the moment they are choosing weekly names (which is good on the one hand and bad on the other) and this week they are going under the rock name of ‘Just Add Walter’ which was Bill’s idea of funny. Next week the name-in-waiting is ‘Dublin’s Irish Quarter’ which is courtesy of Andy.
They may get around to writing some songs somewhen soon; but, as of now, they are just going for getting the name right.

Updates to follow.